"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy 52nd Merdeka Day!

so uh...
Merdeka huh???
basically my Merdeka moment this year started with me successfully assembling my 4x4x4 rubik's cube which was broken by *ugh* someone!forget it lah!what's done is done!

this morning after sahur,my sis asked me to accompany her to study...
worst part!she fell asleep and i'm left alone!duh...!!!

so it's like only 8.18am(p.c. time) now...
so my day hasn't really started yet...
this year there's gonna be a little bit of a difference in Merdeka celebration.
they'll be having it at Dataran Parlimen instead of Dataran Merdeka...and only 1600 spectators are allowed to come...
well...doesn't really matter to me,i only watch it on telly every year...(i'm un-patriotic,i know!lol!)

that's it!anyways.............

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

(random!i know =.=")

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm totally in love with Nicholas Jerry Jonas! Like head-over-heels people!lol!

My Chemistry Romance... <3

well uh...this happened like quite a while...just thought I'd write about it now.

the romance started when my she entered the class.suddenly she said,"siape nak join kuiz kimia kebangsaan?".since I'm not a tiny bit interested in that particular subject,i kinda ignored it.

suddenly the danging(not a dirty word!lol!) teacher said,"oh,ye!,members club science wajib participate!".oh craps!I'm one of those members,lah!so out of zero option,i just participated.

this is the best part,during the quiz,which was held on 16th July 2009,i sat at the very last table,together with some boys from my class!i was already sighing,of course i'm gonna be bored throughout the quiz cause i don't really speak to boys,i'm a lesbian!lmao!

about 5 minutes before it starts,suddenly Shikin came running in!we were all staring at her!not because she was late,but because she's from 5Ak2!which happens to be an Accounts class!obviously they don't learn chemistry!then she sat beside me.(i was relieved,at least there's a girl!lol!)

then the teacher announced,"ok2,get ready,just a reminder,shade jawapan pakai pencil 2B ye...".this is by far the bestest part!Shikin suddenly stands up and kinda shouted(we were in the library!) "sape ade pencil lebih?!".i was like,whoa!lol!she could've just asked from someone sitting near her instead of shouting out loud!lmao!

then2,everyone shook their head,apparently as we enter high school,most of us just carry one or none pencil to school!so this Shikin was like,"alamak!macam mane ni?".out of curiosity,i asked her,"ko tak bawak pencil ke?" which i know,was a danging stupid question cause obviously she doesn't have it with her,or else she wouldn't be shouting for a pencil!haha!her answer was,"bukan pencil je aku takde,aku takde pape!",then evilness terserlah!i laughed real hard!haha!it seemed funny at that moment!

apparently she didn't know it was a written quiz!so to redeem my evilness for laughing at her,i asked around for a pencil!no luck!suddenly Harzarul called me,said he got an extra pencil!i said,"hah!bagilah!".then he pulled it out of his pencil case,the pencil was like 5cm long,maybe less!i was trying really hard to stop myself from laughing as i handed it to Shikin!she was like,"aaa...bolehlah..."haha!

so this is basically a story of a pencil more than it is a story of chemistry!but i just like the title!lol!anyways,i was playing rubik's cube most of the time,competing with Zarul on who gets to solve the cube faster!so conclusion is,the chemistry quiz was more a rubik's competition to me!lol!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

rubik's cube

bought a 4x4 rubik's today!
and solved it at 12.08am(p.c. time)
credits goes to Dan Brown(pogobat)!