"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Friday, December 31, 2010

let the good times roll

so,exactly at 11.59 pm yesterday,which happened to be about a few minutes ago(gosh,it feels so weird),it marks the end of 2010,and the beginning of 2011.a brand new year!so yeah,happy new year.

regardless of what has happened throughout 2010,good or bad,i must say it has been the year that i have felt the most reality.it has by far,been the most significant year of my whole life(counting out 1992 of course,the year i was born.hee).i've seen well,quite a lot of things.

it started out pretty bad by the departure of a friend,then spm result had to came out,craps!then two other friends had to go.oh,i missed school,no!my friends actually.and the fact that without school,you can't see them everyday is so not cool!

but really,can't say it was bad all year through,good things happened too.found new friends,went to a new place,learnt to be independent(yeah right.),found some true friends,and proved quite a lot of things.and oh,i got no school anymore!felt good to stay home and not have to wake up early in the morning.

so there,a lot of things has happened.and i mean it,a lot!and some which i wrote here and in my previous posts,and some i reckon should be kept private.but whatever happened,has happened.it's in the past.it's a new year,a new page,no!a new book.

so buckle up,it's gonna be full of surprises,twists and turns,and in the end,we'll realize that we're gonna miss 2011 as much as we did with 2010.gotta let go the old ones,for hopefully a better one in store.so yeah,2011,please be good to me.

it's a new page again.

it's roughly ten minutes to a yet,another new year.a good one i suppose.whatever it may have in store for me,please just be good ones.

a little bit of surprises,happiness,new stuffs,finding love,friends and enemies,etc.but really,all i'm hoping is a fairly great year ahead.so yeah,here's to wishing you a happy and prosperous 2011.(this sound so greeting card-like!haha)

Happy New Year,2011! :D

p/s:goodbye 2010,you've been great,but i have to let go of you for a better one.or so i hope. :/

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pac-Man! ^.^

as you can see above,i've changed the looks of Asher.pretty cool i suppose.i don't care if you say "noooo,it's so damn ugly!" i'll still love it.haha.if you don't like it,just close your eyes or skip this post.haha.

so yeah,that's it.i don't know what else to babble about.so here goes,my great looking laptop! :D

Monday, December 27, 2010

sorry,i don't talk stupid. :)

so this morning,i woke up to a stranger's text,and the rest goes like this:

019-2373920/stranger: Hai babi
me: Thanks.salam,siape ni? :)
019-2373920/stranger:FUCK U
me: Cursing ain't gonna bring you anywhere.so yeah,if you got nothing to say,just stop committing free sins for your own good sake.wassalam. :)
019-2373920/stranger: Xpaham la bole translate kan ;)
me: Nah,it's okay.if you can easily say "fuck you",i reckon you could find something that's called a dictionary,and find out on your own yeah.and oh,while you're at it,please do learn some proper punctuation usage.it will surely help you look less dumb. :)
019-2373920/stranger: Alamak xpaham lg la huhu bole pinjam dictionary huhu
me: Oh really?why,in that case,i'd have to apologise from the bottom of my heart because you see,i only have an english-malay dictionary.i don't own any english-stupid dictionary.and for me to translate it to you?i don't think i can accommodate to your ground-low level of thinking.i'm awfully sorry. :)

as you can see,in all of my texts,it ends with a smiley.well to be honest,at first i was totally faking it.i mean, come on,whoever could sincerely smile when someone you don't know suddenly comes up to you and say "hey pig" duhhh.like seriously.at first i was like,what the fuck is wrong with this idiot?!

but yeah,i managed to chill down and fake out a smile,you know,fire with fire never wins right?but as the conversation grows,i found myself smiling for real.it's not that i enjoy embarrassing people, but some people ought to learn that they aren't the only ones who can curse and get away with it.

so stranger,if you're reading this,here's something for you.had you got any guts,you'd face me.i truly hate people who bashes people behind their backs.that's some cowardly doings,dumb-ass.and oh,if i were you,i'd jump off a 15-storey building.being bashed down by a person you wanna bash is just too embarrassing.

so before i go,stranger,please do text me again.i enjoy talking and making you look dumber than a stool.let's see who gets the last laugh all over again. :D

p/s:kill them with kindness,did i not tell you?tee hee. ;)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

put your hands in the air

this is gonna be real cliche,but as a great Malaysian citizen *wink wink* i feel the need to write this. ;)

as you all know (who am i kidding?no you don't know), i'm not a big fan (not a fan at all actually) of football,no!soccer.whatever do you call it here.i'm pretty sure it's football.why not a fan you said?well mainly because i don't find a point in 22 adults chasing over one ball (no offense for the hardcore fans out there yeah?hee).

call me a noob,but the only full football match i've ever watched is the one where myTeam played, and i'm darn sure i watched that one because i've watched all the episodes and i sure do want to see how it all ends.but what the heck,they lost that game.*sigh*

now i'm running from the main topic,typical of me!back to it,last night was a game between Malaysia and Indonesia.i wasn't really into it,but since the telly is broadcasting the game,i thought,heh,since it's on,might as well watch it.

and much to my surprise,Malaysia won!so yeah,it was a 3-0 standing to Indonesia.pretty awesome huh?haha.honestly,i'm pretty surprised by the winning(some kind of Malaysian you are,don't you believe in your own country!).okay sorry,after all,it is Malaysia Boleh that we have all stood for all these years,and now it's proven.i'm proud to be a Malaysian(one second you're not sure they're gonna win,now you're proud.-.-'').

i think that's it from me.next up is the 2nd lap of finals at Indonesia.hopefully we're gonna dominate that too.before i sign out,anyone bothers to tell me why our Harimau Malaya were wearing a blue jersey instead of the yellow one?i prefer the yellow one,just saying.

“We respect all teams but as is common knowledge, things are not easy in football where there are a lot of factors which we have to take into account. We are taking each game as it comes and we fear no one

(Malaysian football team coach)

p/s:anybody saw how Markus got his foot tangled in the net yesterday?that was high-larious! XD

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

it strikes once

when i do something good,nobody,not even one soul sees it.
but when i do a slight mistake,all the shits that i did in the past is highlighted.
when others do the same shit that i do,the bright side is lit up.

but when i do right,no accreditation,only flaws are torched.

face it,i'm always the bad ending of a fairy tale,the murderer of your hopes and dreams.

i can never be your sunshine.to you,i'm the black cloud.
the one that crashes and burns everyone's dreams.

sometimes it's just not me.

Friday, December 17, 2010

it's tum-blah in aussie. XD

today,out of randomness and boredom,and probably after getting tired of converting oxygen into carbon dioxides,i decided to signed up for Tumblr.

it's not that i'm totally a hundred percent new to this Tumblr thingy,i'm pretty sure i made an account somewhere last year or early this year,but i can't even recall the url i registered it as.(or maybe it was deleted due to my inactive involvement.hee.)

cut the story short,i made a new one.before,i couldn't even get the hang of it.like seriously,i don't have a single clue of how it works and yadayadayada,but now i guess i'm getting a tad bit of clue of how it works,so yeah.i started tumblogging.

anyways,since i already have a blogger account(and i have a shitload of precious writings i left in here),i don't want to ever abandon this blog.so here's the deal,i'll post pictures and quotes into my tumblr account,and write lengthy posts in here.this page stays to be my listening ears,where i'll pour my heart and soul.*dramatic much?hehe.*

feel free to drop by my Tumblr account at syahirahazman.tumblr.com (or of course,you could make your life simpler by clicking on any of the tumblr writing.my link's in there.haha)

p/s:if you visit my blog,i'll love you forever!haha. ;D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

the moment i surrender to you

before i start on with this topic,i really really hope that people who's gonna be reading this ain't gonna take my writings the wrong way and take me for an anti-marriage person.trust me,i'm not.if it's meant to happen,it's gonna happen right?with that said,i reckon i shall start. :)

a couple of days back,someone(whom name i shouldn't mention) called me and asked me this question "what if nobody wants to marry me?".whoa!honestly,i have no apparent answer for this question.i mean,come on,what would you do if you were in my shoes?

before i tell you the answer i gave her,here's something you should know.i am someone who disbelieve in love after marriage.honestly.if along the road of knowing that person,you can't get your heart to fall for her/him,how do you expect that in the middle of a married journey,you could suddenly force your heart to sync with your partner?

i've seen marriage at all views.the one that lasts for a lifetime,the one that crashes in the middle of it,the one that broke and rekindled again,the one that has long shattered and is just waiting to stumble,you name it!i've seen all of it.(or at least i've heard of it.hee.)

since this is a public blog,there is hesitation for me to say this(but i'm gonna say it anyway),i've seen domestic violence with my own two eyes.played like a movie,happened like a nightmare,only thing is,i can't snap back into reality,because it is the reality!

i've seen people getting hurt in their marriage.they believed too much that it's gonna last that they fought with all their might,but sometimes the ending is just too heart-wrecking for me to state here.on the other hand,i've also seen people happily living their married life,sometimes to the very end of the road.

my point it,marriage is just a huge risk.don't get me wrong,i'm not afraid of taking risks.but is it worth getting hurt and mending it back,just to get hurt once again?there is possibility though that it will last,but there's just a little too scant proof to make me trust it's possible.

nonetheless,this was my answer "God created us in pairs.they're out there somewhere,just waiting to be found.it's just a matter of time,late or fast".like i said at the very beginning,if it's meant to happen,it's gonna happen.wait and see.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cinta Kirana,not.

everybody who follows (or is it supposed to be followed already?) "Cinta Kirana" put your hands up! *a million hands are raised* alright,okay,give a big clap for yourself for this post is for you!

to be very honest,i'm not a fan of this drama/film/sinetron,whatever they call it.main reason?because i don't have astro!ahaha.*boo me!* anyways,that certainly ain't an excuse.there's online tv and stuffs right?

but the fact is i don't really enjoy watching indonesian movies.my strongest point?because it portrays the same storyline over and over again.(poor girl meets rich guy,boy fall in love,girl hides feeling,one of them fall sick/meets with an accident or lose their memory,and eventually ends with a very illogical tragic ending) trust me,it's almost true every single time.

so there,ain't that reason perfect enough to complement my statement?i do hope.but with all the craze over this film(not to mention the never-ending post of "I LOVE GALANG" on facebook), i have decided to write a little bit of something about this.and because i've never watched this story,the writings above will be my little bit.*i'm lame like that*

maybe when i'm genuinely bored and free in the future,i'll download the whole film and watch it,and maybe then i'll really have something to babble about on this topic.until then,here's Randy Pangalila a.k.a. Galang for your joy. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

and it changes everything,again.

i really have to blog about this.so since i woke up this morning,i didn't touch my iphone at all.like seriously,not at all.then somewhere in the evening,we were going to Hidayah for dinner,i took it along(just so i could download apps,the wi-fi there is superb!)

so then i realized when i unlocked the phone,there were no sound.there usually is a some-like clicking sound.then i went on and open an app,still,no sound.you bet i'm scared!i switched on the ipod and still,no freaking sound!not a thing!at this point,you can bet that i'm all freaked out.

but i kinda ignored the situation,then we head for Spectrum,i went to a mobile shop,hoping to solve this problem.the guy said it's some kind of software problem and it will cost 60MYR to fix.man,that's a freaking lot,considering that i still have the warranty,i'm not gonna spend another 60 bucks on maintenance.and so i didn't have it fixed.

i reckon i would go back to the shop i bought my phone at,but considering it's somewhere in jalan duta,the distance i've to travel,and the hassle i've to face,add in the uncertainty whether the warranty would cover these kind of problems,i was ready to assure myself that it will stay unfixed for years to come.

just a few minutes ago,i went to my best friend,Mr. Google,and asked him if he knew how to fix it.and he gave a few options.i clicked on two of the top ones.the first one told me that it's some kind of hardware problem and yadayadayada,useless!switched to the second one,and it told me to plug-in my earphone and unplug it.

i did the exact thing that i was told,and voila!it freaking worked,just like magic!oh,and it actually said to plug and unplug a few times until it works,but mine worked at the first attempt.yay me!

p/s:glad i did not gave you my precious 60 bucks,i can now save that up for a supra.dreamer much?haha. :D

credits:reviews.cnet.com (trust me,they're the bomb!)
thank you for fixing my baby. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

ell ooh vee eee

if love was a person,it would be the weirdest human being on earth.or could it be the sweetest,the most dearest,the most craved for?but for me,it would be the most complicated one.the one you spend all day and night trying to figure their acts.

what is love in the first place?it somehow occurred to me,why do people bother much about having this thing called love?it's just a word,ain't it?imagine this.if love was a tomato and sushi is love.so people would go around saying "i ate love this morning" or "pass me the love ketchup please" or or "i sushi you" *gaaaah!that sounds so wrong!* and "i promise to sushi you to the end of my life" *somehow changing love to sushi makes it sound absolutely wrong!*

tell me exactly,when someone says i love you,how many of them actually mean it?if you say that people say i love you only when they mean it,then why is there a need for people to say "i love you,i really do".so what exactly is the role of the "i really do" part over here?

love is supposed to be a completely divine word.when said to someone,it could make their day,cheer them up,restore that trust on you.but why is it tainted to the extent that it is becoming an utterly nonsensical word.face it,how many people could say "i love you" when they honestly didn't really care.

in another way of actually saying this,love is just another word,if changed the meaning,it could mean nothing.so what exactly that makes it so special?the imponderable confusion of figuring this mess has led to the writing of this particular post.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

let's fall in love and make them hate us

once there was a guy,a tall guy whom since he was in school,had always think big of himself.always thinking that when a girl talks with him,she's flirting.when a guy looks at him,he's jealous of him.when a girl looks at him,she's struck by a cupid.and had always,forever in his life been an ass-kisser.there,a little bit of his background.

and then one day,he entered a martial arts competition and well,won a bronze medal.and as you can guess,that made him brag a little way more.oh yeah,i almost forgot!he's not a fluent english speaker,but well,he write poems,songs,yada yada yada in english as though he's an expert.and also,he's an attention-whore.

so one fine day,he wrote a status that is pretty general.then a girl comes along and commented on that particular status,thinking that this guy could take a joke and would understand simple english.but,oh well,he couldn't understand those simple words and ends up offended.and replied in a rude manner.

at the end of the day,the girl,not wanting to fight a person of lower level than her,ended the conversation by congratulating him on his "big" win in the martial arts competition.

she kept in mind that when you fight fire with fire,you'll resolve to burning yourself.so what do you do?kill them with kindness.

and the ending,can you guess?that's right!she lives happily ever after. :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

can't you see it already?

this whole day,and i mean it,THE WHOLE DAY,all i've been hearing is about our freaking final results!

alright,you're excited,you're curious,i know i know,i feel that too.but we're like dedicating this whole day to results.and i could swear that every notifications i get are from people asking about results!gosh,it's okay to want to know,but making this whole day about the results is just freaking sad.

please just stop.thank you.and that goes for me too.*syahirah,stop asking about people's result!* duhhh. -_____-

i'm probably gonna write about my results *and reveal to the world what a 'great' student i am* but hey,not today please.i really need to get this result fever down.

p/s:if you're wondering,my result is freaking "AWESOME",and the picture above,that ain't the expression i got upon seeing my result.nope,not even near. :/