"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

100 years...

i'm waiting with patience but full of enthusiasm...
when will i ever get to touch your body???
i've missed you even before i see you...
come to me,stay close and i'll never let go...

drama queen much?

oh come on!it's only a

the today story

well uh,this is an actual update of my blogger.seriously.i've been posting mostly pictures and just some tiny bit of text for quite sometime.

emm,first!people that i follow seem to stop updating their blogs!why?keep them coming please!
this especially goes to domatitosblurps.blogspot.com and perhaps143.blogspot.com.

the names that i don't mention too,please keep them coming!i do read your writings.

okay,what happened recently?let me see,we went to Port Dickson during the raye holiday.oh wait!
HAPPY EID MUBARAK!(hope it's not too late to wish.lol)
and i should tell you!it was by far the best beach i've ever set foot on!seriously!the sand was white!i was like..."ahhhhh......" when i touch it!haha!did i tell you we went on a banana boat?oh yeah!it was so awesome!i'll upload the photos later...

so this week,i skipped school!yeah!like the whole week!lmao!so nothing to say about school...

i guess that's it!and to Ain/Lemon,thank you for updating your blog!and congratulations,you spelt my name correctly!lol!


one long lost friend!

he's back!weeeeeee~
oh no!he's not anyone!
he's just a nothing,
but he's something.
get it?
no?oh,never mind!

Monday, September 28, 2009

bonus jonas!

Birthday wishes to Franklin Nathaniel Jonas upon turning 9!

oh!oh!oh!i loveeeeee Nick!lol!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Happy 17th Birthday to Puteri Hadeeja Sofea bt Hasbullah and and and Azielia Anne Amalina(sorry if i misspell your names!)

here's to Sofea,read it out loud!i don't care if you're alone or with me or with someone else!lol!

"this is my gay partner,Syahirah,typing a birthday wish for me at 12.38 a.m.,25th September 2009 because she loves me! And because she was busy thinking about this and typing it out,she forgot to wish me at 12.00 a.m. sharp!(haha!)"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh My Jonas!

Happy 17th Birthday,Nicholas Jerry Jonas!

set a place on your table

honestly,i don't get it but i'm doing it!lol!

5 facts about the "Awardee"(i know!that's not even a real word)
#1:she's short!yawww!
#2:heartbroken because of Henry Golding!wooooot!
#3:miss blur!what?what?
#4:lucky to have me as the sister!yeahhh!
#5:when she says her "bantal busuk" she really means the BUSUK part!no kidding!lmao!

10 facts about the "Recipient"
#1:i play piano
#2:i play guitar
#3:i love nick jonas
#4:i play rubik's cube a lot
#5:taking pics is my passion
#6:love reading Archie's
#7:<=i love #7
#8:not a hardcore blogger
#9:likes saying weird things
#10:i don't know what to say!can we stop at 9?lol!okay,um,i wear dog tag!yeap!that's #10!

5 people i have to tag

shocked to see it's blank?
well uh,i'll do it someday,you'll see!lmao!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dumbo Jacko -.-"

this post is pretty much pointless...
just writing it out of boredom,so if you're bored,come with me and read it till the end(it's real short!)
so here's how it starts,,,,,,,

there's a couple,husband and wife,they're arguing for the time being and is not in talking terms with each other...
but that night,the husband remembered that he has got a really important meeting tomorrow,he's gonna have to ask his wife to wake him up tomorrow as he needs to get up real early as to not miss the meeting.

but there's one tiny itty bitty problem!they're not in talking terms!how is he supposed to tell her to wake him up without letting his ego down by giving in to her?

and so...after a few minutes of nerve wrecking,thinking real hard of a solution,finally he found a great way of telling her,without talking to her,by writing her a note.

so he left the note on her make-up table...a note saying,"wake me up at 6.30am tomorrow.got a real important meeting to attend."

after leaving the note,he felt so relieved and content as his problem is solved...but wait!this is not the end!

the next morning,he woke up,he looked at the clock in the bathroom...oh my ********!it's already 7.30am!he;s definitely gonna miss the meeting.
he went out of the bathroom.raging!full of anger to his wife for not waking him up!suddenly as he walked pass cupboard,he saw something outrageous.half laughing,half still angry to his wife,he picked up the paper on the cupboard...it says,"wake up!it's 6.30am!you're gonna be late for the meeting!"
-the end-

oh well,so that was long...sorry!lol!