"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

:) because you can

"I am optimistic and sentimental to the point of being annoying, especially to people who think that being cynical and cold is cool. Everyday, I thank Allah for everyday things like the ability to breathe, the ability to love, the ability to laugh, and the ability to eat and drink."

-Yasmin Ahmad-

p/s:this is one of the many reasons why she's one of my idol and a Malaysian i'm proud to say i look up to. ;)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

i heart trash

this is a total crap.what's the crap,you asked?this post.this very exact post that you're reading.so if you consider your time to be very precious and oh-so-golden,then mind you,please do skip this crap i'm about to write.but of course,if you have some crappy time to waste,then fret not,be my guest of crap.

no,actually,when i say crap,it meant honour.because in this particular post,crap has a very high place as of which it could be a suitable replacement for honour.and so hereby,when i say,guest of crap,it might as well be translated as guest of honour.get it?yes?*applause*

the crap is that,i have a junk load of craps in my mind that,well,i think should be shot out.but of course,when i blog at night (which btw,it's 2.39 am now),i just can't seem to unload it off my crappy brain.so there.that is a sneak peek of how i got the idea of making this crap and how this crappy idea came in to be a post.

with that said,i think this is the end of my crappy post,or crap story,or whatever you want to call it(just make sure you have the word crap in it).and so,bye bye. :D

pee slash ass:anyone who's able to count the exact number of times i mentioned crap in this one post gets a strawberry ice cream,my treat. ;)
*terms and conditions apply

which btw,don't bother trying,because the T&C is simple:I DON'T TREAT PEOPLE!kthxbi.

oh hey,told you it was crap. XD

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nurul Fathini Zulkifli :)

i still remember the first time i saw you.cantrecallname said to me,"she doesn't look 18".i couldn't help but agree and laughed it off.and i've always seen you as the youngest one since.(though i know you're not.hee.)

i won't forget your huge grin when you said you share the same birthday with nick jonas(you knew i'm his fan).i'll never forget how i pulled you all the way back from college to the hostel after we had our insaniah thingy,and you shrieked everytime we crossed the road.and the time when i played with the game on your phone like there's no tomorrow,even the psychology lesson couldn't stop me from playing.then the time we gossiped about youknowwho,you're the only one i felt could really understand how i felt about that person.those were the times.

today you dropped the news,you're going off for UITM,and though it somehow tugged the strings of my heart,i know it's for the best.so go,spread your wings and make us proud.we'll always be behind you when you need to look back.

before you go,just remember this.we're TESLians.we're classmates.most importantly,we're SIBLINGS ,and nothing will ever change that.no distance is far enough to part us.

best of luck,tinot! :D

Thursday, November 18, 2010

it has been the longest winter without you

she stood there,looked down at the ground,toes twitching,fingers fidgeting.a thought crosses her mind,how would she unfold her predicaments?

she has a problem,and she needs her bestfriend.problem is,they're both the same person.

...a conundrum she has yet to reason.undeniably,it made her tremble.

p/s:i need you bestfriend. :(

be yourself and get judged

i think there are times when i think that it's crucial for me to live up to people's expectation.the fact that i have been pulling myself from doing this have given people the idea that i'm being rebellious.hey,i'm not.there's a fine line between being rebellious and knowing your own self.finding what you're really made of.challenging yourself when everyone around you is denying your pick.

but nonetheless,i feel that it is my responsibility to know what i want to be and who i want to be.of course there will be a time that i will regret making the decision i made,but when that happens,i want to be able to say,"i chose this road,and it's the right one no matter how much i wish i could change it now."

i get lost in the beauty of everything i see

sometimes when you think that you have the worst,try looking around.others may have it way bad than you do.and sometimes all you can do is look and wait for something to happen.it ain't your call that it's gonna happen in a certain way,but it is your call to have it done and over it.

and perhaps there are times when you think that life is taking a turn.when everything seems so wrong and there's no one hanging there with you.if you think that you have done your best,well then think back and realize that maybe,just maybe,your best ain't good enough.

that's just how it rolls.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

shaken by reality

please don't be mad at me nor judge me for what i do.you,for a fact do not know what's on my mind,and needless to say,you have absolutely no idea how much i want to stay.

the fact is that i most probably have to go,not want to.so there,i'm finding the right time.please understand that.i'm sorry,but i know what i'm doing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

while you live it up,i'm off to sleep

my final's over!and it times to get cuh-razy!yee-hooo!well,anyways, i had my IT paper today, which happens to be my last paper for this sem.so uh,yay me! :D

so uh, i'm gonna have a real long holiday, just like school holidays!ahaha.and here's a few things i strive to do:

i.clean up my oh-so-messy room.
ii.curl up my fingers on those piano keys,get a tune or two polished.

iii.pick up those guitars and start memorising (more like refreshing) all those necessary chords.
iv.get back to playing classical guitar.

v.go for a roller-coaster ride.
vi.have a movie marathon.(though i doubt i have that long of an attention span)

vii.ice skating!(and a lot more falling and tumbling along the way)

viii.hang out with the foursome.
ix.head for a swim.(i miss the waters so bad!)

and yeah,a hell lot more i believe.but that's it that i really crave for,as of now. :D

p/s:craps,i totally messed up my finals!*headslap* Dean's List pretty please? *insert puppy eyes over here*

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

book gone wrong

give me three seconds to brag! ;)

i didn't log in to my facebook account yesterday,and i'm so danging proud of myself!tee hee. :D
(read it at maximum speed,make sure you don't read the above statement in more than 3 seconds okay.)

*alright,done with brag session.*

bet most of you people who owns a facebook account would understand why i'm so damn proud.well for those of you who don't,gather round and i'll tell you why.(now i'm imagining people gathering round a campfire to hear a ghost story)

the thing with this thingy is that it's sooooooo addicting.it's like drugs,not that i'm sure of that though,cause i've never had any.haha.but yeah,i guess it's something like that.then there's all the game apps that makes it oh so tempting that you have to log in everyday to feed your pet,or your fish,or your whatever.(i'm into petville,btw.)

and do you remember myspace?well,to compare myspace and facebook,there's like a huge gap.it's like fire and rain.nope,i take that back.fire and rain would be facebook and our old friend,friendster.but uh,myspace and facebook?they're like err,sundae and popsicle.both cold,or should i say cool?but one better than the other,according to your liking that is.ho yeah! XD

to make things short,there's a hell lot of reason to be addicted to this satanic thingy.okay i take that back too.it's not satanic.LOL.but it's like a dark hole.very tempting,and once you jump into it,you fall into the darkest part of the world.okay,i'm exaggerating.

but seriously,it's just so distracting.i used to find myself not being able to do my work on the computer or search for something on the internet,or even write a blog if my facebook account is on.well,that was history though.i got the hang of it.i've learnt how to multitask myself.*large grin over here*

fact is,i think what makes this thing a very addicting stuff,is that it's not much of a place for friends(sounds familiar heh?).it's more like a gossip site.you don't like someone,you post it as your status.you had a bad day,you post a note there.you want to tell your partner you love them,you tag their name on your post.how annoying is that?grr.

you want to hate somebody,you tell it straight to them.not bash them on some social sites.do you want everyone to join in the fight?come on.make the world a better place to live in will you?you had a bad day,you want to write it out,get a blog,or a journal.whatever.just don't write it as a note and tag every one of your friends.do you really need to force your friends to read it?now you want to tell someone you love them.call them up,get a flower,serenade them,anything.just tell them through a post,a big no!is that all they're worth?

point is,facebook is a great place to talk with your friends and share stuffs.photos,videos,events and stuffs.but it's not these things that makes our heads turn,it's the gossips there is in it.admit it,we all like these controversial issues.but put yourself in the shoes of the person writing the stuffs.do you really want to expose your life to everyone?not me.so keep it clean aite.trust me,it's better that way. :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

i like hugs on rainy days

have you ever felt that feeling?the feeling where you're at the top of the world?it's like you're flying and floating with nothing to stop you.it's like you could run and jump over the cliff and the view from above would be spectacular.there was no fear, just that great feeling.that great feeling of achievement.have you ever felt that?

well i have,but when i open my eyes,there was no one but me.and then i realize i was all alone.

Monday, November 1, 2010

walk through fire

one fine day, i was so dayyum annoyed with just about everyone that i felt like picking a fight with, well, just about everyone.

so in this particular situation, anyone in their right mind would stay out of my way. but nooooo, someone had to stand in the middle of the road and in a not so clever manner rant about burgers that ain't that delicious. so there.

i'm going to rant about this next, and when i do, if you think like skipping it, please do.cause it's not worth reading. but i feel the need to write it.

thank you.

eradicate injustice pretty please? :)

hooo,do click on the image to enlarge it yeah. :)