"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

think you know me?

No matter what I write, you still won't know a thing about me. I could spend days typing my life story, and at the end, you still won't have a clue about who I am, what I stand for, or why I act the way I do. Words can't top experience, and until you've really experienced me, you won't know a thing about me. But, hey. I've got some spare time. Here's an attempt. ;)

My name is Nurul Syahirah. You can call me Ira if that's too tongue twisting for you to pronounce and too complicated for you to remember. I'm turning 17 this year.i have a good life.nothing to complain about.I'm loud. Right off the bat, within 2 minutes of meeting me, one realizes I have no inhibitions and nothing is too much. I have a habit of shouting obscenities across the room. It passes the days with laughs and strange looks. It keeps life less monotonous.

I love taking pictures and ironically,most of them does not include me in it. I spend most of my time with the guitar, and at times with the piano. I'm not ashamed to admit that i'm a huge fan of The Jonas Brothers and All Time Low.I'm into literature but I hate studying it. Get what i mean? Yes? Good! No? Never mind!

A lot of people judge me in a bad way, and they don't even know me. i'm not saying i'm a good person, but i don't think i'm a bad one either. I don't know if jealousy got them, but other than that, they don't have any reasonable excuse to hate me.it makes you look ridiculous more than anything else. so i guess you should stop and think about yourself? Deal?

I feel every human is exactly the same. Our differences are superficial. Partaking in discrimination is something we do out of fear. At our core, we all desire the same basic things. We're all human, and to look at one human and say they are less than you because of some superficial differences is naive and an act of immaturity.

Life is sacred and treasured. I want the world to succeed. I want every child to have enough food and an education. I want a cure for AIDS and all types of cancer. I want peace and harmony. I want all of these things. I am aware that it will never happen. I don't sit and wait for it to happen. I know it's a fairytale, but that doesn't mean that I don't dream for it.

At the end of the day, i'm Syahirah. Words won't capture my essence, just like they could never capture yours.

p/s:Credits goes to Azielia Anne Amalina for her great writing.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

stop saying A'KUM!

we all like to do things the easy way...
but for the Muslims,pls do not use the word "A'kum" to replace "Assalamualaikum" when texting,etc.
why?because AKUM is an acronym for the word (more like a sentence to me actually) "AVDE KOKHAVIM U MAZZALOT" which means "slaves of the animals and the unguided people" in jewish.this name is given by the jews for the non-jews.
so...if ASSALAMUALAIKUM is tooooooooooo long for you to type,just say "Salam".easy rite...

idiom by an idiot...lol!

i'm sure you've heard of the idiom "every cloud has it's silver lining"...
how about "every panties has it's pantiliner"?
i'm just talking craps!lmao!

close minded!

actually this happened yesterday,we were at some newly opened restaurant in search of the so-called-delicious kuey teow(yeah rite) but didn't find it,so we ended up eating at another stall.
we were eating(me,mama,petak) when suddenly the 8pm news starts...first headline:"PPSMI kembali BM" i was like..."what the h***?!"

i mean honestly,this is so damn stupid!whoever made this decision might as well kill himself!honest!this is like killing our own generation!
i mean c'mon!english in sc and math were started back in the year 2003,and i have yet to see any negative outcome from it,why are they reverting it to BM all of a sudden?
don't get me wrong.i'm not anti-Malay or something...i'm a malay and i'm proud to be one(i'd be prouder if malays would accept challenges)...but i believe,these kinds of things are the reasons why most succesful Malays are embarrased to admit themselves to be ANAK MELAYU.malays are afraid to accept challenges!

doesn't mean when you speak in english,you're admitting yourself as a western-er,stop being close minded people!it just shows that we're standing up to the challenges ahead of us.by doing math and sc in bm,i believe that all we're doing is learn for exams and not for life.do you really think with knowing only one language you'd be able to go far?dream on...

even if you say by scoring all those papers you'd be able to go far,think of it,what about going overseas?speak in malay when you're in London?do that and you'll be their laughing stock!alright,look at it this way,most chinese masters two languages,chinese and malay,indians,tamil and malay,how about us malays?just Bahasa Malaysia?i'm not proud to be saying,"saya anak melayu.saya skor 11a1 dlm SPM.tp saya hanya tahu ckp Bahasa Malaysia" what the hell is there to be proud of?

wake up!towards one malaysia,does that means just one language?a language that is only mastered in not even a quarter part of the world?is that just how far we'd go?is that the vision Malaysians are gonna be carrying towards 2020?if that's the case,i'd have to think back a million times before using the phrase "i'm proud to be a Malaysian".

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

11.31 p.m.(pc time)

solved my first rubik's cube!LOL!

then solved
another two by 11.56 p.m(pc time)!