"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Monday, January 31, 2011

tell me what you really feel.

was it the cold winter winds or the warm summer breeze that has changed the way you look at things?or has the fallen leaves of autumn tugged the faith off your heart?it's hard to grasp that even the blossom of flowers in spring hasn't moved you.

i could just hope someday you'll walk through this road again,seeing the footsteps you left behind would force you to reminisce those pulchritudinous days,leaving all your grieves aside.someday you'll see,the grass on the other side had never been greener.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

365 days without you.

when it comes to reminiscing those days when you were around,a strong shiver haunts me.it's like i can never grasp the fact that you're not with us anymore.but that's the awful truth,you're not around anymore.though you're no longer with us,your kind deeds and inspiring words will stay in us forever.most of all,your strength shall continue to inspire us.we all know you fought your strongest.the memories we had with you will stay in our hearts till the very end.you will be remembered,always.

A year ago,today,the world lost a beautiful soul.

Al-Fatihah Nur Hidayah Nor Aziz
May Allah place you among the ones He loves.

Monday, January 24, 2011

run like it's the end

someday you'll realize being the nerdy kid who reads all the time,who knows the meaning of all those big words is the best thing that has happened to you.

together with your happiness,you'll see the regrets in the eyes of those people you've always wanted to be.the ones who kiss-ass to get above you,the ones who does wrong to look right.

you'll see,at the end of the line,being yourself has always been the cause.

take a chill pill will you?

do you know why you don't give a shit about the pointers and everything?let me tell you,because you didn't work as hard as we did to be where we are today!

don't act smart when you don't know anything!i don't discriminate people,i don't look down on people just because my result is better.i don't judge people so easily.and i expect the same.but if you do,well then you might as well keep the verdicts to yourselves.yes,first impression is important,but i do believe in giving second chances.alright?

you got no business meddling in some affairs that doesn't even involve you,what more to judge us.to you we're known as two-faced,arrogant,judgmental,and god knows what else is said.just because they're spilling shits about us,and we're keeping quiet,doesn't mean we are at fault.we're being mature here.but you've crossed the line,man.

don't judge us when you don't even know us.i bet you can't name half of the class and you're already passing remarks.this matter is as good as done and you're lighting back the fire.nice move buddy.i hope you're happy being the loser you are.and oh,nice job bringing out the hitler in yourself.

hear this out,the next time you feel the need to be a moderator,instead of just putting a halo on your head,maybe you could add some brain into it first.verify from both sides before making any conclusions.

Friday, January 21, 2011

liking what you do is happiness

i know i've been abandoning this blog for sometime,and for that,i'm sorry. oh btw,the post that i mentioned of people being childish and stuff is not counted as an update because it was done in,err,less than 5 seconds?honest.

past few weeks had been quite interesting,as you might have figured,new year,new semester.new semester automatically means new section.pfffft.being in a different section from all your besties is not cool okay.i repeat,NOT COOL!ironically enough,4 of my besties got into 4 different sections:2,3,4,5.so fair enough,nobody get to be with one another.*insert evil laugh over here*

then there's this whole new subjects,okay not so.there were some subjects which complement the first semester.which means if you fail the first part,you don't get to do the second part in this semester.and also subjects which are totally new to us.take sports science for example.yeah,we had to take it.HAD TO OKAY!i don't know what it has to do with what we're taking,but oh well.so there,seven subjects altogether.

oh,i'm in section 5 btw,which supposedly is the best class.but being the lazy and dimbo person i am,i have this feeling of in-confidence.it's not really the feeling of undeserving,but it's that weird feeling.unfamiliarity is the closest word to it.know what i mean?please just say yes.i just don't know how to explain it anymore.oh miss izra,why you put me here?i no smart like them others.tsk tsk.anyways,after a few days of being there,i think i could blend quite well.so yeah,cheers for a new semester.

we section fivers tend to call ourselves "future dean's list",and i think it ain't impossible.you know why?because we ARE section fivers.i know you don't get it,neither do i.but i don't know what else to say.last few words was crap.lalala.toodles! :D

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

put it down

i can find no good words to describe how childish you all are in handling this matter.accept it as it is and move on with your boring lives please.it's getting on my nerves and i'm sure it's irritating a lot of others as well.sorry.

Monday, January 10, 2011

i meant to accelerate

do you know for a fact that if every single driver on the road learns to use the signal,the world would be a better place?

okay,that was total bull spit.but really,that ought to be something you could ponder about,though i do think it ain't worth your thoughts.haha.honestly,whoever spends their free time thinking of how using signal lights would be very much beneficial for everyone?okay i know,i just did.pfffffft.ignore this paragraph and move on to the next please.

anyways,i got my car on friday,so a million thanks to everyone who was involved in the process of getting it and finally putting it into my grip.i really appreciate your kind deeds and i promise to do my best and not let all of you down.now i sound like some ass-kissing politician expressing gratitude just after they won an election.next paragraphhhhhhhh!

so if you might have known,or maybe you don't or maybe you're saying "i don't give a shittttttt!",i've been naming my stuffs.well not all,but some of it.stuffs that is hard to get,not really hard,but pretty hard for me to get,or people my age,or whatever.you get my point.and it is gonna be kept for a long time,i'll name it.

but i have yet to name my car.but i've been calling it porsche,oh yeah,porsche!whatever makes me happy!haha.and when i'm talking to it,yes i talk to it.so what?ehem,when i'm talking with it,i call it baby.so i think that's gonna stay for a while until i find a better name for it.until then,i'm gonna keep calling it baby.*wink wink*

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Malacca getaway-part 1.

let me just say that i suck at writing a journal or somewhat a diary,which really explains why in my whole 18,going on 19 years of living,never once did i kept a diary.so uh,truth is,i wanted to write some stuffs on the new year,you know,to get myself into it.but it appears to me that i shall break this monotonous moment by writing about my holiday,which happens to be coming to an end in 3 days.just so you know that i spent my holidays elsewhere too,not just at home. :)

for the past couple of years,port dickson has been our destination,mostly because of the beach.but this year,because we did some late arrangements,i couldn't hook up any reservations for a hotel in port dickson.so i suggested langkawi instead.but it was way at the end of the country,so i suggested another place,and finally,we went there.

i present to you, *drumroll please?* MALACCA! :D

so here,we stayed at Puteri Resort.in room number 377.the location and price was spectacular.
but honestly,the number one reason why we decided to stay here is because of the state-of-art swimming pool it has.in which we spent most of our time being in water.
on the first day,we went to the botanical garden,which at this point you might think that i'm a nature kind of person,but really,i'm not!haha.the main reason why we stepped in there is because my brother wants to have a go on the buggy ride.and so botanical garden it is.
notice the buggy was #27?lucky number!ehehe.i drove it through the woods since i'm not yet allowed to drive on an actual road.in my defense,a valid driving license is required in order to drive this small little thing okay?so don't be fooled by it's petite look.oh,my brother tried driving it,and it almost gave me a heart attack!true story.

later on,we decided to chill out and head back to our hotel,but me and my bigmouth had to shout when i saw a glance of the beach.and it nurtured the curiosity in the others who did not saw the beach and they decided to drive around to find the exact location of the beach.in which we ended up in this mosque on a man made island,Pulau Melaka.
this is by far the closest you could get to the sea,aside from heading straight to Tanjung Bidara of course.but since we're in Bandar Melaka and we're not really into going to the beach,so we stopped here.fortunately the view was great so it wasn't much of a waste for us to circle around the town looking for it.here's the view you'd get from the mosque.
so yeah,that's it.end of day 1.i'll try to cramp day 2 and 3 in part 2.bye bye! :D