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Friday, September 4, 2009

Dumbo Jacko -.-"

this post is pretty much pointless...
just writing it out of boredom,so if you're bored,come with me and read it till the end(it's real short!)
so here's how it starts,,,,,,,

there's a couple,husband and wife,they're arguing for the time being and is not in talking terms with each other...
but that night,the husband remembered that he has got a really important meeting tomorrow,he's gonna have to ask his wife to wake him up tomorrow as he needs to get up real early as to not miss the meeting.

but there's one tiny itty bitty problem!they're not in talking terms!how is he supposed to tell her to wake him up without letting his ego down by giving in to her?

and so...after a few minutes of nerve wrecking,thinking real hard of a solution,finally he found a great way of telling her,without talking to her,by writing her a note.

so he left the note on her make-up table...a note saying,"wake me up at 6.30am tomorrow.got a real important meeting to attend."

after leaving the note,he felt so relieved and content as his problem is solved...but wait!this is not the end!

the next morning,he woke up,he looked at the clock in the bathroom...oh my ********!it's already 7.30am!he;s definitely gonna miss the meeting.
he went out of the bathroom.raging!full of anger to his wife for not waking him up!suddenly as he walked pass cupboard,he saw something outrageous.half laughing,half still angry to his wife,he picked up the paper on the cupboard...it says,"wake up!it's 6.30am!you're gonna be late for the meeting!"
-the end-

oh well,so that was long...sorry!lol!

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