"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Monday, October 26, 2009

get that straight

i told you not to look at it!okay, my bad. i brought it to school, but what the hell? it's mine! and it's not like i have any other choice,i have to bring it, like you wouldn't fucking understand because i didn't tell you about it, why? because obviously with your attitude, you'd probably be telling the whole world about it!it was in my pencil case, or was it on my table, wherever it is. but anywhere it is, it is either in MY pencil case or on MY table! not yours! let me get that clear, MY PLACE, NOT YOURS!

so who cares if it was right in front of you, or if i wasn't guarding it from you, you're the one sitting at my place! and i totally trusted you cause i thought i could! enough with that, don't go around meddling with my stuff like those stuff were bought with your father's money, cause it obviously wasn't!

then when you looked at it, at the thing i clearly forbid you from looking at, you acted like everything was normal, like nothing happened! like you didn't do any god damn mistake! like the word SORRY never existed! oh yeah, sorry doesn't exist in your life dictionary cause it's obvious to me that you're one of that many people who thinks you're the greatest! hell no! you're not! and you have the heart to pass it to someone else, which luckily, i managed to stop you from doing so!

know what, just because i smile and laugh after that, doesn't mean i'm bloody fine about the whole thing cause i obviously wasn't! call me hypocrite or whatever, i don't care! at least i don't go around looking at your things and trying to tell it to the world cause i'm not YOU! respect my privacy!

Intan Safreenaz bt. Sjafrin Oktridal, you're so pathetic!

the way i look at you after this will never be the same! my respect to you, i'm sorry that doesn't exist anymore! and yeah, since you already know about it, might as well get this clear with you, you know this "nice" attitude of yours is the #1 reason why i didn't tell you about it in the first place! cause you simply don't know how to keep it down!

you talk bad about my cousins? i can accept that knowing that nobody's perfect, and it's pretty normal for teens to gossip and all (doesn't mean i forgive you for doing so) but invading my privacy? damn it! just get out of my life!

p/s: sorry this post is extremely outgoing, i'm just being honest. sorry for the curses/bad words, trust me, i tried my best to keep it clean but a girl can only try so hard.

and hey, i know what Love Story is all about and why you so much wanted to perform it on Teacher's Day, trust me, you're an idiot for doing so!three words for you: "GET A LIFE!" seriously!

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