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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hanson vs. Jonas?

well,people keep on comparing the JoBros and the HanBros(lol!i made that up!sounds weird,huh?)
okay,i know most of you would've known who The Jonas Brothers are but as for The Hanson Brothers,well?
here's a short introduction on both groups:

The Hanson Brothers:
(top picture)
Taylor Hanson
Isaac Hanson
Zachary Hanson

The Jonas Brothers:
Kevin Jonas
Joe Jonas
Nick Jonas

alright!first off,this is not some kind of gossip room or something and i won't be comparing these two groups.but i seriously think it's super unfair for the JoBros to be compared with the HanBros just because they're three brothers making music together just like the Hansons.

I mean come on,if you've siblings that has the same interest as you do and you people are good at it,don't you too want to it together?just like the HanBros did and the JoBros are doing now.

so point is,i don't think any groups or even person should be compared to another person because maybe they just have the same opinion or way of doing something.and for people who you think are copying you or stuff like that,i suggest you to take that as an honor.i mean,c'mon,would you copy someone who you don't think is great?no?exactly!so there!there must be something that they see in you that maybe sometimes even we don't realise.

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