"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


you,yes YOU!

i know you miss me too!haha!(i'm right aren't i?)

ohhhhh!we met FINALLY!
then i hear your pointless babblings again!

OMG!i miss those moments,you know,the moments you talk,talk,and talk(it's never ending you know)!lol!and i stare with full attention,then when you finish i'll look at you,without hesitation,smile,and say,"ape you ckp td?" or "sumpah tak faham!" haha!
then you with your so-called-stern face,start babbling all over again!haha!
i miss you!
after this we'll have a date,just the two of us,we'll play swing okay?i know you're ever so excited when you hear that word!haha!
oh oh,just now,at the event,i fell asleep,duhhhh,i miss that moment,one time you said,"eh,jangan!i period today!"LOL!
conclusion is,I MISS YOU!haha!
p/s:your mum saved me from being mocked by Tasha!ROFL! :)
p/p/s:i know you like the first pic,but i don't!haha!so i took the second pic,i like it better! :)
p/p/p/s:OMG!i sound soooooo lesbo in here!lol! :D

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