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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reunion 1.2

Bowling Tournament Winners:
#1:Fauzan's team
#2:Syafiqah's team
#3:Zuhaira's team
#4: Muizz's team
#5:Azfar's team
#6:Sofea's team
#7:Nadjua's team
(unfortunately,picture's ain't available)

#8:Khalid's team
#9:My own team(yay!)
#10:Adam's team
1.uh,our team did NOT get the 2nd last place.there were like at least 15 teams,BUT there were only 10 prizes.so,we're lucky to at least get 9th place(although i'm the one responsible for contributing a hell lot of gutter balls.hee,sorry!)
2.the 7th place winner's photo is unavailable due to their lack of cooperation with the photographers.(not our fault okay,none of us got their picture)
3.CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. :D
4.i'm running out of words to say.
p/s:picture credits to Mr. Firdaus Idris.thanks!

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  1. hahahaah
    congrates to all!!
    hope u guys enjoy the day!
    c u guys again s0onn!