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Friday, June 4, 2010

Aww,tartar sauce

(entered Toy's R Us,turned,twist,mingled,touched everything.haha.after a lot of wasted minutes,Natasha showed up.)

Natasha: What are you searching for?
Sofea: Birthday present for her brother.
Natasha: How old is your brother?
Me: Standard 9,eh,9 as in standard 3.
Natasha: What does he usually plays?
Me: Err,online games?
Natasha: What's your budget?
Me: 1MYR.
Sofea: Here's a shovel.(priced 1.95MYR)
Me: That's so beyond my budget!
Natasha: We'll all chip in for the remaining 95 cents.
Me: *I have never felt so pathetic*ROFLMAO! :D

p/s:in case you're wondering,no,i did not get the shovel.
p/p/s:i haven't gotten anything for his birthday,which happens to be tomorrow!OMG!
p/p/p/s:my budget was actually 100MYR,but i'd like to not exceed 50 MYR.
p/p/p/p/s:somehow Faizah was invisible during this conversation.tee hee.

that's the most p i have added to the p/s in my whole life.haha.

(this happened on 3rd June 2010)

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