"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

school is so yesterday.haha.

hello hello hello wonderful people!
please be noted that i'm pretty much lazy to do this,so if you find this post dullboringdreary,kindly forgive me.tee hee.
honestly,i don't know what's got into me,but i'm too lazy to blog lately.but i'll do it anyway. :)
on 15th of June,i registered into MARA Poly-Tech College,taking TESL(yeap!gonna be a teacher.the thoughts of me being a teacher had me rolling off the bed.haha.)arrived around,i dunno,9am if i'm not mistaken.err yeah,9 i think.and Peah Popeah was already calling and texting.okayyy,fine.u came earlier.grr.haha.
alright,done with the registration,it took a hell lot of time!haish.then headed on to my hostel.i know,i know,KPTM is just steps away from my home,but it'll be easier to stay in the hostel isn't it?say yes!say yes!
unpacked my stuffs,tidied up the room,yadayadayada,ehh,don't get the wrong idea,i only did the unpacking bit,the others are done by my mum and my sister.haha.yes,i'm lazy.i never denied that anyway.haha.
sooo,then,err,wait i can't remember.*thinking*.hah!when i came,my roommate isn't here yet.so,too lazy to wait,we went back.slept at home.lalalalala.and then came back to the hostel at around 6pm.my roommate is here!yay!haha.then went back out to eat at Ice Room.yeap,you guessed right.my little brother,Boy wanted to dine there.so yeah,Ice Room it is.shucks,ain't as good as it sounds.haha.(but luckily i got the wrong order and ended up with a tasty dish.lucky me.haha.)
then around 8pm,went back to the hostel,had a talk at 8.30pm.met the wardens,told the what-to's and what-not's.then,i think that's it.basically done about my first day.details probably coming up later.toodles.
"College is a place to keep warm between high school and early marriage."
-George Gobel-

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