"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Journal 1.0

hey hi hello!

this is a journal,or much said it is.but i just don't think it fits to be a journal.but what the heck,i'm doing it anyway.probably because this blog always stays in-updated and i'm out of idea.thus the writing of this nonsense. :)

this one is for stuffs that happened last week.(not that it matters cause i'm pretty sure no one would be reading this.nevertheless,i don't think i care cause i'm in the mood of writing nonsense now.)

We had Insaniah thingy.divided into groups and stuffs.i got in the same group with my gay partner,yay us!okay,may be not.tee hee.i cheated and got myself in the group.this one facilitator tried to scare us by saying that if we changed groups,it'll affect our pointers.*insert big LOL over here* chill out,i'm not the only existing soul who did that. :)

Again,the Insaniah thingy.but today i went with tini tinot and stayed with a section two student.*say hello to Lisa*,pretended i was sulking with my gay partner.i can't even remember why now.but yeah,i did.i'm that weird,bear with it please.haha.

Can't remember anything today,craps i'm lost. :/

Sent in my psychology assignment,which was supposed to be handed in on monday *sorry for the troubles,Miss Suzana* and oh,Miss Nadia said i'm good in writing.*flattered*

Had CSS test that day.we had to answer in partners,but i did it individually,and someone said to me that i didn't get myself a partner because i don't like sharing answers.*probably true* haha.oh,i think i flunked the test.*slaps head* then went back with gay partner,went to mina minot's place for haziq's birthday.and then went back home.

Err,i can't remember anything aside from the jam from cantrecallname villa to UM,and the exact opposite traffic the other way round. -.-''

Went online,started playing petville again.*forsythe,i miss you* bought some stuffs for him off the PV store.and then yadayadayada,back to Kay Pee Tee Am Hotel.

...and that's how my week went.i had a,well,okay week.and i hope you do too. :)

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