"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Naznin Idris

first,you burden me with your homies craps.
then,you took what's mine without permission.
...and now,you're spilling craps about me.

so,fuck you,there is no way i'm tolerating.

"i did the presentation alone" say what?!when will you ever be done with messing up my life?seriously.like attempting to take credits on other's work ain't enough,now you're claiming it's yours?man,you're desperate.there is no question why your sister hates you.you're a faker as much as you are a moron.

and hey,you didn't know what your fault is,heh? *huge LOL* no wonder you never learn.you think everything you do is right,just because you're the class rep (self-voted if i may add),that doesn't make you the boss.you're not always right.as a matter of fact,you're barely ever right.

now,knowing your attitude,you'll obviously be blaming me.cursing you on my blog.but let's look at it this way,you post videos on youtube,you call your friends "loser",you kiss the ass of a guy who obviously doesn't care about you.gosh!when will you ever tell yourself "hey,stop being an attention whore".

see this as me doing a favor for you,unlike you,i don't go on bashing people on facebook,i ain't that low.what more,blocked me so i don't have the slightest idea you're talking about me?i can't find a word to tell you how sad i am to look at you now.thinking everyone likes you when they're foul-mouthing you behind your back.

writing "i could care less" duhhh,then what's the purpose of writing that status?call me a pathetic person for all that it's worth,but hey,this pathetic person has supporters,her friends,true friends.bet you don't have that.see up there?i put that so when people wants to find this post,all they have to do is google,and BAM!they'll find this post.see how i'm helping you with fame?

just remember this,i don't bother disturbing people who doesn't bother me.so try to stay out of my path as much as you can.because once you come in my way,you're on for a hell of a ride.want to try?go on,be my guest. :)

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