"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

compliments never kill.

i have zilch idea i could even make up to reason with neither others nor myself to explain why i haven't updated for awhile,but what i can say is that a lot of things have changed.seriously.

i'm used to having this blog as something very personal to me.it's hard to grasp that it now has 100+ followers.i don't know if you followers are really readers of my blog,but thank you for making the figure grow,i appreciate it.really,i do.

moving on,like i said,this blog for awhile,had been the place for me to write a lot of stuffs.from those good times,to the shits i had to go through to get to where i am today.i've written a whole lot that upon re-reading it,i personally think you guys have a lot more idea about me than i'd ever have of myself.

now,there are reasons why i kept it to myself for so long.my stand may have changed,seeing that i have made this public and everything,but my reason stays.i blog for myself,not to please nor to take care of anyone's feelings.maybe along my posts and writings,there'll be a few that might slap you in the face,for that,i'm utterly sorry.just know that i write for myself,not for you,you,or you.

my blog is my comfort zone.call me anti-social or loser for whatever reason you may find.trust me,i won't care.so if you ever happen to be offended of my post/posts,then i suppose the one time apology should be more than enough.i don't feel the need to apologize to anyone for being honest nor for being true to myself and others other than you.

on another point,for you beautiful people who have said nice things about this humble blog of mine,thank you.thank you for being the reason i'm still writing and for making it known that i'm heard.thank you amazing people.

p/s:what's in here,stays in here.thank you.

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