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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bruno Mars.

Ever heard of the song Just The Way You Are? If your answer is no, then please, do yourself a favor and just jump off the cliff. Seriously. The thing is that, since this song came out, a huge number of female population out there wants Bruno to be their partner. Yucks.

Just The Way You Are is just another chick-flick song written to attract his target-audience, who? All you girls out there of course! (and well of course, i'm no exception.tee hee.) If you really listen to it, this song ain't much different if compared to One In A Million by Ne-yo. (again, if you haven't heard of this, find the nearest building to jump off.) Honestly, how would you know that partner of yours is the "one in a million"? Have you been dating ninehundredninetyninethousandninehundredninetynine girls before you found this one? No. So there, bullcrap.

Back to Bruno, now, just last year, he made a song called Grenade. (needless to say, if you haven't heard this one, please just stab yourself) Now this song right here, is one of those typical "lautan-api-sanggup-ku-renangi" types of songs. Take a lighter, burn one of his fingers, if he rejects, then he's lying. (obviously) and if he lets you burn it through, you might want to check if that's really him and not some kind of ghost. He mentioned that during the first kiss, she had her eyes wide open, now if i were to expect someone to close their eyes, i'd do the exact thing. But instead, he knew that she had her eyes open. Were you peeking, Bruno?

If you've been reading up to this point, it would seem as though i'm condemning Bruno Mars. Let me just make it clear that i'm not in any way a hater of him nor his works. I listen to his songs as well, and i must admit, it's pretty addictive.All i'm trying to convey is, do not push every men to be of the same traits as Bruno Mars, it's just not right. Once you've said it, it puts a fine line to the guide of expectations on the opposite sex who's trying to approach you. There's a thin line between adoring and expecting. Beware.

Last but not least, saying every guy should be like Bruno Mars is like saying every girl should be like Megan Fox. Ouch? Exactly my point.

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