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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pizza+Skittles=Awesome People.

This is a very backdated post, this happened exactly a month ago, on the 21st of July. Yes, it's my birthday. Thank you very much for remembering. Wee! Things got a little out of hand thus the procrastination of this post. Please do accept my sincere apology.

Moving on, I finished class at 2pm, but a certain someone told me to stay. But you know these people, nak prank tapi tak expert, so they had contradicting answers. One said that Puan Nik needs help with some of the stuffs. Another one then called and said she needs to see me. Okay, agak terkantoi di situ. Ehehe.

Fast forward, I slept from 2 pm right up to 5 pm, that's when Kak Shaq called and said she has got some work to do in which I'll have to go to one of the class where she is there waiting. Okay then. When I went there, the lights were closed, the best part was I saw some of my friends behind the door. Terkantoi lagi di situ ye. Ohoho.

But anyways, they came up with these very adorable but very weird tasting pizza topped with skittles. This is basically due to the fact that I don't eat cake, so this was the only option they had. Thank you for remembering that I don't particularly adore cakes.

(Pizza topped with skittles to spell "Happy B'day" and the four pizzas.)

(Cubaan Kak Shaq untuk menyumbat pizza bertoppingkan skittles. Attempt of running away was present but she managed to do it anyway.=.=)

(Dan selepas seorang berjaya, yang lain turut serta berkongsi kegembiraan menyumbat pizza kepada saya. *perasaan diri sedang diperdajjal sangat nyata di sini. T.T*)

The thing that I still wonder of is the fact that during their birthdays, they fed me with the cake, and during my birthday, they took turn to feed me the pizza. So tell me when will I get to feed people? It's an unfair world we're living in! T.T

Nonetheless, thank you sayang-sayang sekalian for taking the time to celebrate my birthday. Thank you juga for the effort yang sangat obvious to keep me from going back. (I actually planned to go for a movie on that day. Haha!) You people mean the world to me. Words can't describe how thankful I am to have known all of you. :)

"Macam mana kau nak kencing kaki kencing?"
This question boggles me right up to this second. XD

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