"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

i heart trash

this is a total crap.what's the crap,you asked?this post.this very exact post that you're reading.so if you consider your time to be very precious and oh-so-golden,then mind you,please do skip this crap i'm about to write.but of course,if you have some crappy time to waste,then fret not,be my guest of crap.

no,actually,when i say crap,it meant honour.because in this particular post,crap has a very high place as of which it could be a suitable replacement for honour.and so hereby,when i say,guest of crap,it might as well be translated as guest of honour.get it?yes?*applause*

the crap is that,i have a junk load of craps in my mind that,well,i think should be shot out.but of course,when i blog at night (which btw,it's 2.39 am now),i just can't seem to unload it off my crappy brain.so there.that is a sneak peek of how i got the idea of making this crap and how this crappy idea came in to be a post.

with that said,i think this is the end of my crappy post,or crap story,or whatever you want to call it(just make sure you have the word crap in it).and so,bye bye. :D

pee slash ass:anyone who's able to count the exact number of times i mentioned crap in this one post gets a strawberry ice cream,my treat. ;)
*terms and conditions apply

which btw,don't bother trying,because the T&C is simple:I DON'T TREAT PEOPLE!kthxbi.

oh hey,told you it was crap. XD


  1. hello awak!

    sini takde commentbox eh? ;p

  2. hi. :)

    takde lah,sorry.malas nak edit,main html semue.
    i'll do it later,insyaAllah. :D