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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

book gone wrong

give me three seconds to brag! ;)

i didn't log in to my facebook account yesterday,and i'm so danging proud of myself!tee hee. :D
(read it at maximum speed,make sure you don't read the above statement in more than 3 seconds okay.)

*alright,done with brag session.*

bet most of you people who owns a facebook account would understand why i'm so damn proud.well for those of you who don't,gather round and i'll tell you why.(now i'm imagining people gathering round a campfire to hear a ghost story)

the thing with this thingy is that it's sooooooo addicting.it's like drugs,not that i'm sure of that though,cause i've never had any.haha.but yeah,i guess it's something like that.then there's all the game apps that makes it oh so tempting that you have to log in everyday to feed your pet,or your fish,or your whatever.(i'm into petville,btw.)

and do you remember myspace?well,to compare myspace and facebook,there's like a huge gap.it's like fire and rain.nope,i take that back.fire and rain would be facebook and our old friend,friendster.but uh,myspace and facebook?they're like err,sundae and popsicle.both cold,or should i say cool?but one better than the other,according to your liking that is.ho yeah! XD

to make things short,there's a hell lot of reason to be addicted to this satanic thingy.okay i take that back too.it's not satanic.LOL.but it's like a dark hole.very tempting,and once you jump into it,you fall into the darkest part of the world.okay,i'm exaggerating.

but seriously,it's just so distracting.i used to find myself not being able to do my work on the computer or search for something on the internet,or even write a blog if my facebook account is on.well,that was history though.i got the hang of it.i've learnt how to multitask myself.*large grin over here*

fact is,i think what makes this thing a very addicting stuff,is that it's not much of a place for friends(sounds familiar heh?).it's more like a gossip site.you don't like someone,you post it as your status.you had a bad day,you post a note there.you want to tell your partner you love them,you tag their name on your post.how annoying is that?grr.

you want to hate somebody,you tell it straight to them.not bash them on some social sites.do you want everyone to join in the fight?come on.make the world a better place to live in will you?you had a bad day,you want to write it out,get a blog,or a journal.whatever.just don't write it as a note and tag every one of your friends.do you really need to force your friends to read it?now you want to tell someone you love them.call them up,get a flower,serenade them,anything.just tell them through a post,a big no!is that all they're worth?

point is,facebook is a great place to talk with your friends and share stuffs.photos,videos,events and stuffs.but it's not these things that makes our heads turn,it's the gossips there is in it.admit it,we all like these controversial issues.but put yourself in the shoes of the person writing the stuffs.do you really want to expose your life to everyone?not me.so keep it clean aite.trust me,it's better that way. :)

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