"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nurul Fathini Zulkifli :)

i still remember the first time i saw you.cantrecallname said to me,"she doesn't look 18".i couldn't help but agree and laughed it off.and i've always seen you as the youngest one since.(though i know you're not.hee.)

i won't forget your huge grin when you said you share the same birthday with nick jonas(you knew i'm his fan).i'll never forget how i pulled you all the way back from college to the hostel after we had our insaniah thingy,and you shrieked everytime we crossed the road.and the time when i played with the game on your phone like there's no tomorrow,even the psychology lesson couldn't stop me from playing.then the time we gossiped about youknowwho,you're the only one i felt could really understand how i felt about that person.those were the times.

today you dropped the news,you're going off for UITM,and though it somehow tugged the strings of my heart,i know it's for the best.so go,spread your wings and make us proud.we'll always be behind you when you need to look back.

before you go,just remember this.we're TESLians.we're classmates.most importantly,we're SIBLINGS ,and nothing will ever change that.no distance is far enough to part us.

best of luck,tinot! :D

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