"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Monday, January 10, 2011

i meant to accelerate

do you know for a fact that if every single driver on the road learns to use the signal,the world would be a better place?

okay,that was total bull spit.but really,that ought to be something you could ponder about,though i do think it ain't worth your thoughts.haha.honestly,whoever spends their free time thinking of how using signal lights would be very much beneficial for everyone?okay i know,i just did.pfffffft.ignore this paragraph and move on to the next please.

anyways,i got my car on friday,so a million thanks to everyone who was involved in the process of getting it and finally putting it into my grip.i really appreciate your kind deeds and i promise to do my best and not let all of you down.now i sound like some ass-kissing politician expressing gratitude just after they won an election.next paragraphhhhhhhh!

so if you might have known,or maybe you don't or maybe you're saying "i don't give a shittttttt!",i've been naming my stuffs.well not all,but some of it.stuffs that is hard to get,not really hard,but pretty hard for me to get,or people my age,or whatever.you get my point.and it is gonna be kept for a long time,i'll name it.

but i have yet to name my car.but i've been calling it porsche,oh yeah,porsche!whatever makes me happy!haha.and when i'm talking to it,yes i talk to it.so what?ehem,when i'm talking with it,i call it baby.so i think that's gonna stay for a while until i find a better name for it.until then,i'm gonna keep calling it baby.*wink wink*


  1. when i see your late friends picture it make me miss my late exgirlfriends, my little brother and my brother.. :(

  2. Al-Fatihah.trust that they're in a better place,insyaAllah. :')