"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Friday, January 21, 2011

liking what you do is happiness

i know i've been abandoning this blog for sometime,and for that,i'm sorry. oh btw,the post that i mentioned of people being childish and stuff is not counted as an update because it was done in,err,less than 5 seconds?honest.

past few weeks had been quite interesting,as you might have figured,new year,new semester.new semester automatically means new section.pfffft.being in a different section from all your besties is not cool okay.i repeat,NOT COOL!ironically enough,4 of my besties got into 4 different sections:2,3,4,5.so fair enough,nobody get to be with one another.*insert evil laugh over here*

then there's this whole new subjects,okay not so.there were some subjects which complement the first semester.which means if you fail the first part,you don't get to do the second part in this semester.and also subjects which are totally new to us.take sports science for example.yeah,we had to take it.HAD TO OKAY!i don't know what it has to do with what we're taking,but oh well.so there,seven subjects altogether.

oh,i'm in section 5 btw,which supposedly is the best class.but being the lazy and dimbo person i am,i have this feeling of in-confidence.it's not really the feeling of undeserving,but it's that weird feeling.unfamiliarity is the closest word to it.know what i mean?please just say yes.i just don't know how to explain it anymore.oh miss izra,why you put me here?i no smart like them others.tsk tsk.anyways,after a few days of being there,i think i could blend quite well.so yeah,cheers for a new semester.

we section fivers tend to call ourselves "future dean's list",and i think it ain't impossible.you know why?because we ARE section fivers.i know you don't get it,neither do i.but i don't know what else to say.last few words was crap.lalala.toodles! :D

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