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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Malacca getaway-part 1.

let me just say that i suck at writing a journal or somewhat a diary,which really explains why in my whole 18,going on 19 years of living,never once did i kept a diary.so uh,truth is,i wanted to write some stuffs on the new year,you know,to get myself into it.but it appears to me that i shall break this monotonous moment by writing about my holiday,which happens to be coming to an end in 3 days.just so you know that i spent my holidays elsewhere too,not just at home. :)

for the past couple of years,port dickson has been our destination,mostly because of the beach.but this year,because we did some late arrangements,i couldn't hook up any reservations for a hotel in port dickson.so i suggested langkawi instead.but it was way at the end of the country,so i suggested another place,and finally,we went there.

i present to you, *drumroll please?* MALACCA! :D

so here,we stayed at Puteri Resort.in room number 377.the location and price was spectacular.
but honestly,the number one reason why we decided to stay here is because of the state-of-art swimming pool it has.in which we spent most of our time being in water.
on the first day,we went to the botanical garden,which at this point you might think that i'm a nature kind of person,but really,i'm not!haha.the main reason why we stepped in there is because my brother wants to have a go on the buggy ride.and so botanical garden it is.
notice the buggy was #27?lucky number!ehehe.i drove it through the woods since i'm not yet allowed to drive on an actual road.in my defense,a valid driving license is required in order to drive this small little thing okay?so don't be fooled by it's petite look.oh,my brother tried driving it,and it almost gave me a heart attack!true story.

later on,we decided to chill out and head back to our hotel,but me and my bigmouth had to shout when i saw a glance of the beach.and it nurtured the curiosity in the others who did not saw the beach and they decided to drive around to find the exact location of the beach.in which we ended up in this mosque on a man made island,Pulau Melaka.
this is by far the closest you could get to the sea,aside from heading straight to Tanjung Bidara of course.but since we're in Bandar Melaka and we're not really into going to the beach,so we stopped here.fortunately the view was great so it wasn't much of a waste for us to circle around the town looking for it.here's the view you'd get from the mosque.
so yeah,that's it.end of day 1.i'll try to cramp day 2 and 3 in part 2.bye bye! :D

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