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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

annoying:causing vexation or irritation

Man Sura 18 May at 12:23 Report
u 're such a rude
i dont even know how could a person like u exist in da world neither in dis MALAYSIA????A MALAYSIAN acts like herself as a VIP or actors or mybe something jerk from another country?as i know,only chinese people mostly dont want to make friend with us,BUT U??dont be like them,we are malaysian people,so y me(a malaysian)cant make friend with ya?get touch with all people buddy..

Nurul Syahirah Noor Azman 18 May at 23:25
hello. :) (i was taught this is the most polite way to start a conversation.)

now,first of all,do not be a judgemental person,cause honestly,who are you to judge a person you have yet to talk to?

second,extracting from your own words "i dont even know how could a person like u exist in da world neither in dis MALAYSIA????A MALAYSIAN acts like herself as a VIP or actors or mybe something jerk from another country?".my answer would be very simple.how do i exist?is because i close my ears to haters and closed minded people like a certain homosapiens.hehe.call me a jerk,i wouldn't mind.because for all of my concern,you don't know me.

third,"only chinese people mostly dont want to make friend with us,BUT U??dont be like them,we are malaysian people".what are you talking about?i mean seriously.ONLY CHINESE PEOPLE?this is being pure discriminative.enough said.

fourth,"so y me(a malaysian)cant make friend with ya?".i've never said i do not to make friends.if you're really sincere to make friends,just drop a mail,a polite one preferably,and i'll be sure to get back to you.so there.

anyways,just to clear things up and to answer your question,why i do not approve people i don't know.it's simply because i hate to be judged and stalked by strangers.i get to know new people everyday.i make as many friends as i could.but some people are just not worth talking to.so do prove you're worth knowing. :)

cheerio.good day. :D

Man Sura 19 May at 00:52 Report
ty for reply buddy,if i drop a mail,u wont accept me as a friend coz u didnt know me,like u said HONESTLY,u wont accept anyone u didnt know and that will wasting ur(they) time n i think if i drop a mail,or a smile,or poke,or anything sucks iin this FB wont make any sense coz it will wasting my time too right?about the chinse people,from my observation,most of the chinse ppl dont like malay ppl,a researher from uitm said that most of chinse people wont co-operate with us(MALAYSIAAAANNN) bcoz they knew that we are da mighty LAZiest ppl among da laziest ppl in da world,we only know to fight!sleep!talk that'll make nonsense!and completly USELESS!i hate them but in da same time,i respect them so much..u know what i mean buddy!

Nurul Syahirah Noor Azman 19 May at 01:05
a big pleasure for me to be replying your mail. :)

anyhow,i've said that you'd be wasting your time,that for sure is undeniable.but why did i not block message sending from non-friends?it's because i want to have sincerity in friendship.if you really want to befriend me,work it.but don't get me wrong,i'm not trying to be arrogant or stuck-up.it's just the fact that i believe the harder you try to grasp something,you appreciate it more.i do not want to be added as to fill in some stranger's friends list.i'm done doing that activity in Myspace.i do not wish to repeat the same mistake,if i may say. :)

as for the chinese,aren't they malaysian too?to be very honest, i have high respect for the chinese.not that i'm ashamed of my own race.but to be very honest,as a malay myself,i must say,a lot of us has ocean-bottom level of mentality.we'd rather plead not work ourselves up.use our energy to fight not work together to raise our own self-dignity.

we are only at the bottom when we sit down and wait for miracles to happen.there ain't gonna be no miracles in life.miracles only happens when you work the magic.

anyways,i do get what you meant.and just fyi,i've made quite a few friends through PM,and eventually i'll add them in.and to correct your words,i have a few close chinese friends.and they respect me equally.respect is earned, not asked for. :D

Man Sura 19 May at 01:31 Report
mybe the chinse frends u'd meet were dffrnt a bit,but i didnt met any chinse ppl like u'd meet yet,i worked as a researcher and i know a lot about chinese in malaysia!they are fucking anoying!my work is to i.view with chinse,ask them about fmly cndtion,occupation,and othersu know what they said when i come to their house or their shops?'x mau xmau beli,pegi2,'i worked for da govenrment and i need to take care about them,do they live happily?do they live in a good cndition?but what?they scratched me hurtly at my back,i want to give them a cureso i know a lot about themhey do u want t know smthing?some chinse parents dont like their son to make friend with us,

Nurul Syahirah Noor Azman 19 May at 01:41
you know,i am in no way of defending them.but this is actually a good thing,in a way.it's like a quake,to wake us malays and to realise that we ain't doing our jobs right.

because basically why do they not respect us?look at ourselves.an easier example,Bersamamu.majority recipients which appears in that show is a malay family.it's not that i don't pity them,i'm not that heartless,but look at them.i may not be the best person to say this but they're living a hard life,working day and night, pumping themselves up to get a bite to survive,but still they fail to stipulate a plan.having lots of kids means more commitment.i'm not saying it's a bad thing.i do believe in "rezeki" and stuffs but to be very honest,i also believe in science studies.when there's no fertilisation,there won't be reproductions.if you can't afford to raise a child,why bear more.

and you probably haven't found those cliques,but to be honest,i'm not bragging.but frankly speaking,i think they respect me because i speak fluent english.not flawless,i have yet a lot to learn.just fluent.and i have met one of my chinese friend's mother and she's pretty nice to me. :D

Man Sura 19 May at 01:58 Report
u said that bersamamu alwys shows malays?how about indians?lol?speak fluently?and they will respect ya?that's fucking anoying to me

Nurul Syahirah Noor Azman 19 May at 02:02
and your cursing is getting on my nerves.seriously,why bother talking to me when i'm annoying you?

and hello,back to our topic,we're talking about chinese.we're comparing malay and chinese.indians excluded.and did i not mention majority?get the point first.

Man Sura 19 May at 02:12 Report
god bless Bersamamu!y we must help chinse not da malay?this is a malay country!!so malays should get da majorities!not da chinses

Nurul Syahirah Noor Azman 19 May at 02:16
i'm done here.you've proved my words.haha.good life mate. :)

Man Sura 19 May at 02:24 Report
fucking anoying chinse ppl

p/s:i don't know what's your point, but standing ovation for you, you have proved to be the most annoying,shallow-minded person i have ever met in Facebook. i'm glad i did not approved you in the first place.this is one of those moments i quote, "IMPUDENCY IS SOMETIMES SIGNIFICANT".and yes i brag when i have to.haha.yay me.funny much,i'm annoyed. (-.-")

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