"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Saturday, May 22, 2010

perfectly unhinge

it's 3 something and i'm still up.oh well.
this week has been,how should i put it?interesting?no.super interesting.haha.
anywho and anyhow,i'm not gonna talk about that,it's gonna be lengthy.
next post maybe?no promises.(insert smiley here)

anyways,i have always thought of writing,i mean blogging in malay,or manglish,u know what i mean.but i'm afraid once i start using it in one post,i'll continue writing the next posts in malay,then it becomes a habit and lalala.oh well.

okay,on to the next point,not that i don't like the malay language,i speak malay all the time,and i mean it,like ALL the time(i don't have that bag of courage to speak english in public,fyi).and so blogging is the only way for me to actually speak or write or practice or whatever,haha,in english,so it's safe to say,i'll be stopping myself from even thinking of writing in malay in the nearest future.*not gonna happen,Syahirah!* okay that was a mere internal monologue,kindly ignore.thank you.

aside from blogging,there's other options,you know,write your own novels,essays and yadayadayada,but i suck at all that.so go figure,blogging it is.*and it's gonna be in english!and don't you even think of being stubborn to your own self* another internal monologue,kindly ignore and proceed.thank you.

speaking of writing,it brings me to the 300 words MARA so-called-essay.okay so now i'm confused,you know in school,when a teacher says write an essay,it should be MORE than the number of words mentioned,and when a teacher says write a summary,it should be written no more than the number of words mentioned.but in this case,it's written "write a 300 words description of yourself,education,and career planning" should it be more or less?hmmm.

alas and alack,not withstanding of where my description shall stand,i've got one done,and surprisingly,the first time i read it,i thought to myself,"uh huh,this is just fine.just moderate,a little bit of killing myself,a little bit of uplifting myself,and a hell lot of positivity.should be fine"(add smiling with pride and accomplishment here).but the second and uncounted times i read it after,it became,"ugh so braggy,what in the world are you talking about?man,this is so absolutely positudy lying!"(add in confused and embarrassed face her)

so right now,as a matter of fact,i was supposed to amend my oh-so-undone "essay",but instead,i used up the time to update my blog.talk about distraction.haha.

i'm a sparrow,i'm not afraid of being in captivity
i'm an eagle,i'm not afraid of flying high
i'm a human,i have my own mind
i'm a person,i have my own dreams
live on.

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