"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

lesson of life,taught.

purpose of this post?honestly,i don't know.
i wanted to write something on someone else,but it leads me to the late Dayah.
and i miss her. T___T
anyways,i don't want to write anymore sad posts about her,or it will never end.
i hate being morose,fyi. :)

oh,did i tell you i lost another friend to a car crash?
oh well,i did,Amirul Aiman.
but i barely know him so i didn't write a post on him.
anyhow,i'll include him in this post.

i know you're in a better place
but i wish that i could see your face
i know you're where you need to be
even though it's not here with me

i miss you,i miss your smile
and i still shed a tear every once in a while
and eventhough it's different now
you're still here somehow
my heart won't let you go
and i need you to know
i miss you

-Miley Cyrus-

thanks to Hidayah and Aiman,i now know better than to waste my life hating.i learnt that i shall love while i can.give while i still have.live life to the fullest.life's too short to be anything but happy.thanks a million! *insert extremely big smile here* enjoy life people,you'll never know what tomorrow has in store for you. *winks*

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