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Monday, August 30, 2010

a country lover on the contrary

"1Malaysia Transforming Nation"

A few hours back,i was in the car,stuck in the midst of a flood of people waiting for the clock to struck midnight,as it's the Merdeka eve.

Now what i'm about to say in the next few parts are probably sensitive issues. Allow me to apologise in advance. Bear in mind that what's written are absolutely off my mind and is not related to any political, racial, religious, nor sexual issues. So i'm sorry if it concerns anyone about what i'm going to say. I hope i'm not stepping the wrong line. :)

With that said, here goes. I saw a group of kids,i mean it. KIDS! Not teenagers, not youths, but kids,dwelling on their bicycles on that congested road. Bringing along a huge flag, and blowing horns and whistles while at it.

Then as i went further in, i saw two groups of motorcyclists, in which on my right was a group of Malays and on my left is a group of Indians. In the spirit of One Malaysia, people are still hesitating to break the border of racial discrimination.

The last observation i had, if i may say, is between the group of motorcyclists, perhaps understood that most of them are boys, there are quite a number of girls in between them. Perhaps the presence of them are not bizarre enough, the apparels they're in, if i may say is rather questionable. Mini skirts, sleeveless tees, short pants, for bike riding? Who are you kidding?

Now the question that arises aside of these social issues are, where are the parents? Don't they realise the absence of their children in the house? Perhaps a question too absurd to be asking.

In the spirit of celebrating Independence Day, though it was just a mere incident that we we're stuck in the traffic in the middle of Dataran Merdeka, a coincidence too impossible to let lose as incidental, my brother was expecting a big celebration, considering the presence of the crowds.

Disappointing enough, only one firework was blasted and the celebration ended with releasing a bunch of Mat Rempits off the road. So much for a "celebration" eh?

As non-patriot as i may sound throughout this post, one thing i'm very certain of, though at times it's probably in doubt, i'm proud to be a Malaysian.

Happy 53rd Independence Day, Malaysia. :)

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