"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Friday, April 29, 2011

Faker all along.

When the thunder crashes upon the dark clouds, do you hear yourself shouting? Ain't the thumping sound of thunder strong enough to shake the world, why worsen it by amplifying your voice on it?

It wasn't me who was interested, it was you. How you complimented me was no way to flatter me, "just another one of those" was what I had in mind. Time passes and you showed your true colour. I was more happy that I was right the first time than I was disappointed of how you turned out to be.

Maybe yesterday I would've let your stupid jokes and rude words pass me, but today, I'm gonna make it straight, i'm not loving it and I know a lot others who would raise their hands in agreement as well, should I ask. Your act of being all sweet and innocent ain't working on me and I want you to get that straight.

I know I ain't the best to talk on impudency and sorts, but it's just a matter of respect. If you're able to make jokes without people hating on you, why can't you take a similar joke as well? Why make small matters be a big arguing issue? The world ain't cuddled in your stupid little arms, know that!

A thing I'd like to remind to others and mostly myself, when someone corrects you, it doesn't always mean they're condemning you. You can accept it as a constructive criticism and use it as a tool to improvise yourself, or you could act all exasperated and take it as just another enemy-to-be coming right at you.

I don't care who you are in your family or in your school or who the shit you are in whatever thing you have pride of. But here you are talking to me, all you need to be is you and not all those characters you wished you were. If I wanted a copycat, I would've made a clone of myself and live happily with people who'd think the same as me. Point is I don't want that.

I swear right now, I just freaking hate hypocrites and people who makes fake stories and acts all plastic-y just to obtain people's assiduity. I've had enough drama queens and attention whores in my life, I need no more.

Be yourself and earn the respect you've lost!

p/s: Stop messing with me and i'll put a stop to the feud. Any more craps from you, I swear it's going to spell trouble.

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