"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today my life begins.

Hey, i'm currently in my study week, which basically means i'm gonna spend most of the hours of my day sleeping and going online, to the extend that the next thing I know is I have exam the next day, and i'll be rushing and going all mad trying to digest in one day what I should've digested in a week.

But anyways, i'm still gonna blog!(typical of me,huh?) So last week, no, past two weeks, I went to the Facilitator's Selection Camp which was held at Eagle's Nest Outbound Adventure Eco Resort in Ulu Yam, and all I can say is that, for a place far out in the woods, it was really satisfying and as for the camp, it was the best i've ever been apart of (not that I've been to a gazillion camp -.-).

I think it's bearing the fact that once chosen as a facilitator(which bytheway I made it through), we'll be working together for the next semester, thus the BONDING was really neat, I can tell you that. Notice me highlighting the word BONDING over there, it's somehow a gag between us now, but trust me, it seriously was no joke back at Ulu Yam.

And oh, the activities? There's quite a lot to list down really. But it was tremendously challenging, add in the fact that it rained the whole two nights we were there and we had this "Telur Amanah" thingy that we have to hold on to, even during the obstacle courses and such. Tough I tell you.

But it was all good cause I had one of my fellow "nyah" there and best part was we ended up in the same group (we were meant to be,did I not tell you?LOL.) and my teammates were all really cooperative and I don't know how to say it, I just am comfortable with them, so it somehow makes the whole process smoother (I can't believe the word "smoother" actually existed!), or at least it felt much smoother. :)

I think I got real lucky at a certain point at the camp because I didn't have to do some of the yucky parts of it, so yeah. Anyways, I think I'm gonna do another post on the activities later cause it's gonna take a lot of time to upload the photos and everything.

Oh, can't believe I cried real hard during the "Saya Penting" module. It probably was because of the environment and everything that somehow reminded me of my late cousin, which bytheway, during the night of the module, it coincidentally happened to be exactly a week pass his demise. And it was something Khai said that night that somehow tugged it off me because it's definitely not foreseen for me to be crying in front of people. But nonetheless, good job, Khai. At least we know you've reached the point of the module. (btw, Khai here has a blog too,go check him out!)

What else? There's a lot more actually, but I think i'm gonna put a stop to it for now. So yeah, thank you for reading and have a blessed life. :)

p/s:There's a reason for the title which most of you wouldn't know of, but a certain people does. Please just bear with it. I hope i'll be changing for the better. :)

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