"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happiness, it's in you.

For the past few days, I have been in a situation a lot of you like to call "writer's block". But contradicting to the idea, I think that the term is only invented to cover-up a thing called laziness and outrageous procrastination. You see, I tend to know what to write on but I seem to lost it along the way of writing it, and so to curb that from happening during the writing of this post, I shall let the pictures talk for themselves. ;)

Past few days have been a little shaky. Please don't ask why because I figure a lot of people wouldn't really catch it. But what do you do when people give you crap? No you don't cry over it, you paint it gold and throw it back to the person. Haha. <---pointless blabber.

(Went to Viva where Kak Dila joined us. And here's the part where they lied on a bed worth 17,888 MYR. Yes, it's a five-figured price.)

(And then we had to send Kak Dila to the college as she had class at 3 pm, and we head on to Cantrecallname Saloon. <---pardon the name please, I just can't seem to recall it. Sorry.)

(While Kak Shaq was having her hair done, here's Kak Akey doing, err, not really doing anything. She was snoozing. Okay okay, the sofa was a little too comfortable. Haha.)

(Later on we head on to Tutti Frutti. Look at the meal we had and yes, of course you can start being jealous now. :P)

(Who else would I be going out with if it isn't these two? ;D)

(Lastly but not leastly, pictures together. Okay, I admit it ain't a proper picture of the three of us together, but hey, it ain't that bad eh? XD)

And that was how my day went. Wasn't anything out of the norm but it was a blast spending time with them, telling stories and a lot of heart-to-heart session. Haha. Lots have been said. ;)

Some people find happiness in the opposite sex, some try hard to grasp happiness in things they can't achieve, some find happiness in the presence of others. I find happiness in me. Trust me, it's in yourself. Find it and share it with people who deserves to have it. :)

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