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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day #3 : Your Idea of the Perfect First Date.

My first rule to having a perfect date is to NOT have any awkward feeling with each other. By the time you're reading this post, you should have figured out that I've a degree in awkwardness. Yes, I do. (And yes, I made up the part of having a degree in such field as it doesn't actually exist. -___-)

Number two, the easiest way of actually spending time with someone you barely know or you have just got to know in person is basically by going out with a bunch of friends. Going on a double date would fit nicely. But the bad side of going on a double date is if you have a friend that would shun on you, or make fun of you and your partner, now that would be honestly irritating.

Third point! The first date is also a time to start being comfortable with each other, NOT the time to get intimate with each other. Get it? So going to enjoyable places like the movies, theme parks and whatever else is enough as to satisfy the venue. Going to closed places where the two of you would actually get tempted to touch each other is a huge NO! Kissing on a first date would add to a double no.

In a nutshell<---(now this sounds so much like my debate text), my idea of the perfect first date is basically being able to feel that you're in a safe zone while spending time with your partner. Come on, what's the point of being with someone if you're there just to get judged? If they're gonna take you for a long-term relationship, make sure they've seen you at your worst. :)

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