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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

inter-es-ting! :)

Thanks to Liyana Aqilah.you're the only one who always tags me,i'm touched.haha. :')

anyhow,17 questions:

1.Q: What would you do if you found out your friend has stabbed your back?
A: Go to the hospital and have it stitched?haha.

2.Q: 6 people who's in your heart?
A: my heart can contain six people?that sure is a hugeeee heart!haha.anywho,here's the six:
ii)domatito and petak
iii)my other family members(well some of them.haha.)
iv)my gay partner
v)bff:fara,linda and muna
vi)my other friends,that includes you yana.(some of them,again.haha.)

3.Q: Do you think you're cute?
A:Cuter than you!haha.uhh,i don't know.lol.

4.Q: Single or Taken?
A:Single-ly taken.haha.

5.Q: What's your favourite blog?
A: hannahhylen.blogpsot.com.check it out and you'll understand why i loveeee it so much! :)

6.Q: Is your room tidy-ed up everyday?
A: uhh.ROFLMAO!next question pleaseee!

7.Q: Last song you heard?
A: When You Look Me In The Eyes-Jonas Brothers.(because it automatically plays when i open my blog.tee hee.

8.Q: Last text message?
A: Gay partner.haha.

9.Q: Last phone call?
A: Grr.gay partner again.haha.

10.Q: Last time you shed tears?
A: Just now during driver's ed.(out of too much laughing of course! :'D)

11.Q: List 5 of your favourite colours:
A: i. Black
ii. Red
v. Rainbow colours!yay!haha.

12.Q: Last person you IM-ed with?
A: Liyana Aqilah!haha!last night,about her scandal.lol. :D

13.Q: Your favourite game?
A: Bounce. :)

14.Q: Are you an MCR fan?
A: not really.sorryyyy. :)

15.Q: How's your feeling whe you answered this?
A: Accomplished!HAHA.

16.Q: Do you enjoy tags?
A: Depends.tee hee. ;)

17.Q: Tag 10 other friends:
A: i. Nurul Syafiqah Noor Azman
Mission accomplished!haha! :DDD

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