"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Monday, April 12, 2010

Laydee Leeyana

this post is for you,okay,thanks for the award although i don't really understand how this whole thing works.
(pause for a second,read instructions,done!)

alright,so here's how it works,first thank the person who gave you the award and link the person,so...thanks a zillion to Liyana Aqilah bt.Mohd Noor!hee. :)

then next step,spread the words to 15 bloggers who you like and you think their blogs are awesome!here you go:
Nurul Syafiqah Noor Azman
Farah Lina Nor Azman
Faridah Alwani Salha
Dinie Qistina
Anis Filza
Nabil Ibrahim
Nabila Hanis
Dyan Trisha
Nur Syafiqah
Nurin Qasrena
Farhan Nafis
Ain Syafiqah

there's 12.i don't know who else to tag.LOL.sorry.

last step,tell 7 things about yourself.so,here goes:
1.my name is Nurul Syahirah and i'm straight(wtf?!).which you'll find doubtful if you actually follow my blog.LOL.
2.i'm addicted to twisty puzzles.
3.i love Nicholas Jerry Jonas,but i'm not obsessed.which means i don't get a $10 worth of magazine just because there's a 5 inch photo of him inside it.
4.i'm rather ungenerous when it comes to money.
5.i read and collect The Archie's library.
6.my favourite colour is red but i'd pick black over any other colours.
7.<------this is my all time favourite number.

i'm done.thank you! :D

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