"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cinta Kirana,not.

everybody who follows (or is it supposed to be followed already?) "Cinta Kirana" put your hands up! *a million hands are raised* alright,okay,give a big clap for yourself for this post is for you!

to be very honest,i'm not a fan of this drama/film/sinetron,whatever they call it.main reason?because i don't have astro!ahaha.*boo me!* anyways,that certainly ain't an excuse.there's online tv and stuffs right?

but the fact is i don't really enjoy watching indonesian movies.my strongest point?because it portrays the same storyline over and over again.(poor girl meets rich guy,boy fall in love,girl hides feeling,one of them fall sick/meets with an accident or lose their memory,and eventually ends with a very illogical tragic ending) trust me,it's almost true every single time.

so there,ain't that reason perfect enough to complement my statement?i do hope.but with all the craze over this film(not to mention the never-ending post of "I LOVE GALANG" on facebook), i have decided to write a little bit of something about this.and because i've never watched this story,the writings above will be my little bit.*i'm lame like that*

maybe when i'm genuinely bored and free in the future,i'll download the whole film and watch it,and maybe then i'll really have something to babble about on this topic.until then,here's Randy Pangalila a.k.a. Galang for your joy. :)


  1. yeah, me too.
    i don't like watch indonesian drama.
    always the same plot, over and over again :)

  2. semakin membosankan la cinta kirana ni..hehe

    siapa sokong DOMO KUN itu comel?

  3. hehe.tu lah.tapi kalau takde cite lyn jugak.tapi skrg dah jarang tgk tv.hehe.

  4. syok cter nih ! hehe awal2 sonok jgak..lame2 dah jadik boring lak..hehe btw I LOVE GALANG gak ! hehehe ^__^ pollow here k dear :)