"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Sunday, December 5, 2010

let's fall in love and make them hate us

once there was a guy,a tall guy whom since he was in school,had always think big of himself.always thinking that when a girl talks with him,she's flirting.when a guy looks at him,he's jealous of him.when a girl looks at him,she's struck by a cupid.and had always,forever in his life been an ass-kisser.there,a little bit of his background.

and then one day,he entered a martial arts competition and well,won a bronze medal.and as you can guess,that made him brag a little way more.oh yeah,i almost forgot!he's not a fluent english speaker,but well,he write poems,songs,yada yada yada in english as though he's an expert.and also,he's an attention-whore.

so one fine day,he wrote a status that is pretty general.then a girl comes along and commented on that particular status,thinking that this guy could take a joke and would understand simple english.but,oh well,he couldn't understand those simple words and ends up offended.and replied in a rude manner.

at the end of the day,the girl,not wanting to fight a person of lower level than her,ended the conversation by congratulating him on his "big" win in the martial arts competition.

she kept in mind that when you fight fire with fire,you'll resolve to burning yourself.so what do you do?kill them with kindness.

and the ending,can you guess?that's right!she lives happily ever after. :)

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