"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Friday, December 17, 2010

it's tum-blah in aussie. XD

today,out of randomness and boredom,and probably after getting tired of converting oxygen into carbon dioxides,i decided to signed up for Tumblr.

it's not that i'm totally a hundred percent new to this Tumblr thingy,i'm pretty sure i made an account somewhere last year or early this year,but i can't even recall the url i registered it as.(or maybe it was deleted due to my inactive involvement.hee.)

cut the story short,i made a new one.before,i couldn't even get the hang of it.like seriously,i don't have a single clue of how it works and yadayadayada,but now i guess i'm getting a tad bit of clue of how it works,so yeah.i started tumblogging.

anyways,since i already have a blogger account(and i have a shitload of precious writings i left in here),i don't want to ever abandon this blog.so here's the deal,i'll post pictures and quotes into my tumblr account,and write lengthy posts in here.this page stays to be my listening ears,where i'll pour my heart and soul.*dramatic much?hehe.*

feel free to drop by my Tumblr account at syahirahazman.tumblr.com (or of course,you could make your life simpler by clicking on any of the tumblr writing.my link's in there.haha)

p/s:if you visit my blog,i'll love you forever!haha. ;D