"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Friday, December 10, 2010

and it changes everything,again.

i really have to blog about this.so since i woke up this morning,i didn't touch my iphone at all.like seriously,not at all.then somewhere in the evening,we were going to Hidayah for dinner,i took it along(just so i could download apps,the wi-fi there is superb!)

so then i realized when i unlocked the phone,there were no sound.there usually is a some-like clicking sound.then i went on and open an app,still,no sound.you bet i'm scared!i switched on the ipod and still,no freaking sound!not a thing!at this point,you can bet that i'm all freaked out.

but i kinda ignored the situation,then we head for Spectrum,i went to a mobile shop,hoping to solve this problem.the guy said it's some kind of software problem and it will cost 60MYR to fix.man,that's a freaking lot,considering that i still have the warranty,i'm not gonna spend another 60 bucks on maintenance.and so i didn't have it fixed.

i reckon i would go back to the shop i bought my phone at,but considering it's somewhere in jalan duta,the distance i've to travel,and the hassle i've to face,add in the uncertainty whether the warranty would cover these kind of problems,i was ready to assure myself that it will stay unfixed for years to come.

just a few minutes ago,i went to my best friend,Mr. Google,and asked him if he knew how to fix it.and he gave a few options.i clicked on two of the top ones.the first one told me that it's some kind of hardware problem and yadayadayada,useless!switched to the second one,and it told me to plug-in my earphone and unplug it.

i did the exact thing that i was told,and voila!it freaking worked,just like magic!oh,and it actually said to plug and unplug a few times until it works,but mine worked at the first attempt.yay me!

p/s:glad i did not gave you my precious 60 bucks,i can now save that up for a supra.dreamer much?haha. :D

credits:reviews.cnet.com (trust me,they're the bomb!)
thank you for fixing my baby. :)


  1. cool! u didnt hav to spend anything.. u want to buy supra? u mean the shoes?

  2. haha.i know right.i almost lost rm60 for something i could actually fix on my own.
    supra?oh yeah,the shoes. :)