"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

ell ooh vee eee

if love was a person,it would be the weirdest human being on earth.or could it be the sweetest,the most dearest,the most craved for?but for me,it would be the most complicated one.the one you spend all day and night trying to figure their acts.

what is love in the first place?it somehow occurred to me,why do people bother much about having this thing called love?it's just a word,ain't it?imagine this.if love was a tomato and sushi is love.so people would go around saying "i ate love this morning" or "pass me the love ketchup please" or or "i sushi you" *gaaaah!that sounds so wrong!* and "i promise to sushi you to the end of my life" *somehow changing love to sushi makes it sound absolutely wrong!*

tell me exactly,when someone says i love you,how many of them actually mean it?if you say that people say i love you only when they mean it,then why is there a need for people to say "i love you,i really do".so what exactly is the role of the "i really do" part over here?

love is supposed to be a completely divine word.when said to someone,it could make their day,cheer them up,restore that trust on you.but why is it tainted to the extent that it is becoming an utterly nonsensical word.face it,how many people could say "i love you" when they honestly didn't really care.

in another way of actually saying this,love is just another word,if changed the meaning,it could mean nothing.so what exactly that makes it so special?the imponderable confusion of figuring this mess has led to the writing of this particular post.

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