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Sunday, December 26, 2010

put your hands in the air

this is gonna be real cliche,but as a great Malaysian citizen *wink wink* i feel the need to write this. ;)

as you all know (who am i kidding?no you don't know), i'm not a big fan (not a fan at all actually) of football,no!soccer.whatever do you call it here.i'm pretty sure it's football.why not a fan you said?well mainly because i don't find a point in 22 adults chasing over one ball (no offense for the hardcore fans out there yeah?hee).

call me a noob,but the only full football match i've ever watched is the one where myTeam played, and i'm darn sure i watched that one because i've watched all the episodes and i sure do want to see how it all ends.but what the heck,they lost that game.*sigh*

now i'm running from the main topic,typical of me!back to it,last night was a game between Malaysia and Indonesia.i wasn't really into it,but since the telly is broadcasting the game,i thought,heh,since it's on,might as well watch it.

and much to my surprise,Malaysia won!so yeah,it was a 3-0 standing to Indonesia.pretty awesome huh?haha.honestly,i'm pretty surprised by the winning(some kind of Malaysian you are,don't you believe in your own country!).okay sorry,after all,it is Malaysia Boleh that we have all stood for all these years,and now it's proven.i'm proud to be a Malaysian(one second you're not sure they're gonna win,now you're proud.-.-'').

i think that's it from me.next up is the 2nd lap of finals at Indonesia.hopefully we're gonna dominate that too.before i sign out,anyone bothers to tell me why our Harimau Malaya were wearing a blue jersey instead of the yellow one?i prefer the yellow one,just saying.

“We respect all teams but as is common knowledge, things are not easy in football where there are a lot of factors which we have to take into account. We are taking each game as it comes and we fear no one

(Malaysian football team coach)

p/s:anybody saw how Markus got his foot tangled in the net yesterday?that was high-larious! XD

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