"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Monday, December 27, 2010

sorry,i don't talk stupid. :)

so this morning,i woke up to a stranger's text,and the rest goes like this:

019-2373920/stranger: Hai babi
me: Thanks.salam,siape ni? :)
019-2373920/stranger:FUCK U
me: Cursing ain't gonna bring you anywhere.so yeah,if you got nothing to say,just stop committing free sins for your own good sake.wassalam. :)
019-2373920/stranger: Xpaham la bole translate kan ;)
me: Nah,it's okay.if you can easily say "fuck you",i reckon you could find something that's called a dictionary,and find out on your own yeah.and oh,while you're at it,please do learn some proper punctuation usage.it will surely help you look less dumb. :)
019-2373920/stranger: Alamak xpaham lg la huhu bole pinjam dictionary huhu
me: Oh really?why,in that case,i'd have to apologise from the bottom of my heart because you see,i only have an english-malay dictionary.i don't own any english-stupid dictionary.and for me to translate it to you?i don't think i can accommodate to your ground-low level of thinking.i'm awfully sorry. :)

as you can see,in all of my texts,it ends with a smiley.well to be honest,at first i was totally faking it.i mean, come on,whoever could sincerely smile when someone you don't know suddenly comes up to you and say "hey pig" duhhh.like seriously.at first i was like,what the fuck is wrong with this idiot?!

but yeah,i managed to chill down and fake out a smile,you know,fire with fire never wins right?but as the conversation grows,i found myself smiling for real.it's not that i enjoy embarrassing people, but some people ought to learn that they aren't the only ones who can curse and get away with it.

so stranger,if you're reading this,here's something for you.had you got any guts,you'd face me.i truly hate people who bashes people behind their backs.that's some cowardly doings,dumb-ass.and oh,if i were you,i'd jump off a 15-storey building.being bashed down by a person you wanna bash is just too embarrassing.

so before i go,stranger,please do text me again.i enjoy talking and making you look dumber than a stool.let's see who gets the last laugh all over again. :D

p/s:kill them with kindness,did i not tell you?tee hee. ;)

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