"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

the moment i surrender to you

before i start on with this topic,i really really hope that people who's gonna be reading this ain't gonna take my writings the wrong way and take me for an anti-marriage person.trust me,i'm not.if it's meant to happen,it's gonna happen right?with that said,i reckon i shall start. :)

a couple of days back,someone(whom name i shouldn't mention) called me and asked me this question "what if nobody wants to marry me?".whoa!honestly,i have no apparent answer for this question.i mean,come on,what would you do if you were in my shoes?

before i tell you the answer i gave her,here's something you should know.i am someone who disbelieve in love after marriage.honestly.if along the road of knowing that person,you can't get your heart to fall for her/him,how do you expect that in the middle of a married journey,you could suddenly force your heart to sync with your partner?

i've seen marriage at all views.the one that lasts for a lifetime,the one that crashes in the middle of it,the one that broke and rekindled again,the one that has long shattered and is just waiting to stumble,you name it!i've seen all of it.(or at least i've heard of it.hee.)

since this is a public blog,there is hesitation for me to say this(but i'm gonna say it anyway),i've seen domestic violence with my own two eyes.played like a movie,happened like a nightmare,only thing is,i can't snap back into reality,because it is the reality!

i've seen people getting hurt in their marriage.they believed too much that it's gonna last that they fought with all their might,but sometimes the ending is just too heart-wrecking for me to state here.on the other hand,i've also seen people happily living their married life,sometimes to the very end of the road.

my point it,marriage is just a huge risk.don't get me wrong,i'm not afraid of taking risks.but is it worth getting hurt and mending it back,just to get hurt once again?there is possibility though that it will last,but there's just a little too scant proof to make me trust it's possible.

nonetheless,this was my answer "God created us in pairs.they're out there somewhere,just waiting to be found.it's just a matter of time,late or fast".like i said at the very beginning,if it's meant to happen,it's gonna happen.wait and see.