"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everyday's a Mother's Day.

The time now is 1.37 am and i'm still up. Not particularly something out of the ordinary for me, but yeah. I just want to say that i'm writing this on the 8th of May 2011, not a day in advance. Why does it even matter? Like duhhh, it's because today is Mother's Day right here in Malaysia. (not like any of my readers are from places out of Malaysia, but it just sounds more wow-ing when said in such manner. :D)

This is the first Mother's Day that I came around empty handed. Not that I have no intention of making it special, it's just that life has been a little too hectic. Now I know that saying that one's life is hectic is a cliche, but this time it's true. It's safe to say that things have gone out of hand. But no worries, i'll soon catch up with it. It's just a matter of time, and of course how efficient I am in curbing my laziness. :/

Not that I'm complaining, but life has taken a lot of my time away. But that's just my point. I have let living my own life get in the way of spending some tiny little moments with people who matters to me. Right here, right now, I'm talking about my family, my mum in particular.

I admit that I have not been the best daughter anyone could ever ask for. I answer back a hell lot and most of the time I just hear and not listen. I mess things up making her clean after me time and time again. I barely do what she wants and it's almost never that I put her my numero uno concern. But most of all, the biggest mistake I have ever committed is taking my mum for granted.

Though through all of these, I just want her to know that I love her, I may not know how to show how much I love her, and maybe i'll never learn, but I do hope i'll be able to give at least a hint that I love her before it's too late.

Mrs. Mimie Suraya, this one's for you. For all the things I made you shed tears for, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. And for all the things you have made me smiled for, for all the things you did that I never show appreciation of, for all the times you're hurt but you fake a smile just to see us laugh, I thank you for always being here and I thank Allah for granting me a mum as patient as you. I love you, mama. You're the best mum a child can ever ask for. Thank you for not giving up on me.


Your utterly-stubborn-yet-so-much-loves-you daughter. :)

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