"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Monday, May 2, 2011

I live by my name.

If you look at the title, you might think it's another one of my twisty and beat-around-the-bush kind of post. But no, this is a totally straight-to-the-point post. I promise. :)

So as to start, my name is Nurul Syahirah binti Noor Azman. Wonder how awkward it feels to suddenly write up your full name on the web?It feels utterly weird. Try it! Anyways, all my life, i've had tonnes of nicknames. You name it, there's always one for every occasion. But none of which I ever held on for long.

All my life, i'm telling you. All my life, i've never liked anyone to ever shortened my name. If anyone were to ask me what my name is, i'd say my full name, like the one I wrote up there. And if they were to ask for a shorter name, i'd be telling them "Syahirah". Nothing shorter than that.

Things change though, last year when I came in to college, people called me Nurul instead of Syahirah. Yes, I do know that's my name as well, but bearing the fact that my sister also carries the name Nurul, and it will be forsaken confusing for anyone to be calling one of us Nurul as both of us will be responding, so no one calls any of us Nurul. There. So it somehow becomes a habit of mine to not respond to names that ain't mine. As for this case, Nurul is "not" my name. Get it?

Then in class, the first class I had was Reading and Writing Development which was lectured by Mr. Syamsul Fozy, who at that time was our coordinator. He wanted us to introduce our names and so I told him to call me Syahirah and he asked for a shorter one, and I gave Syahirah yet again, he asked the third time and I was about to answer the same when someone shouted Syira. -.-''

And so if you might have guessed, that name stuck with me up till now. I'm not saying I hate it, but let's just say i'm not really fond of it. The bad side to it is that although I somehow do not like the idea of people calling me by that name, people have known me by that name, Syira. Now at anytime in college that I have to introduce myself, i'd tell them the name's Syira. See? Somehow i've let go of a stand i've been holding on for the last 17 years.

But that's alright. All is good. Only thing is that i'd like to make it clear that no matter what name you are or you will be calling me, just note that my true name is Nurul Syahirah Noor Azman with a Y after the S and a H at the end. And oh, my dad's name is Noor not Nor. Get that right. :)

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