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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Five bodies, five brains, one mind. :)

Finally, finally, and finally I have successfully uploaded photos off Connor and my phone, so there won't be anymore upload requests in the near future. I'm relieved. :)

Anyways, remember I wrote about the camp I went? Yes, no? Whatever. I'm still gonna blog anyway, so no point answering. *insert evil laugh over here* In this particular post, I'm gonna write on my group, The A-Team. The members, the antics, the this and that. So here goes.

First off is this guy right here, named Lutfi. The only man in the group. I don't know for some reasons, he just kinda kicks the courage out of most people. Especially the juniors. Haha. But since I've known him since high school, with exception of whether or not he knew me since then, I'm less intimidated by him compared to most other juniors. But really, you gotta get to know him before really getting scared of him. He's a nice person after all. Very responsible, and possess a little too much leadership quality. :)

Second up is Shaqira. I usually don't call my female seniors without any article before it, but somehow at camp, I only called her Shaq. Out of guilt, and of course awkward-ity, I started calling her with a "Kak" later on. Just because I'm not comfortable with it. Haha. I don't know how true this fact is but someone told me that she goes to almost every camp in college. Must have been an outdoor person. Let me be honest, I was at first a little scared of her just because she's a senior, and most probably because I don't know her. Once we're acquainted, I sense a friendly and in some ways someone I could tell things and know for a fact she won't flutter it out to someone else. I'm guessing we're off for a good start. ;) (oh oh,she blogs too.click here for an express trip to it. :P)

Third person is me! No. Third is Intan. I certainly hope you're happy that your name is in here as I know you're a loyal reader of this humble blog of mine. *winks* I knew her since last semester, but only this semester that we get to be in a mutual class. At first she was excited for the trip, but at the eleventh hour, she was reluctant of the idea. Convincing as my arguments can be, she finally joined the trip! Lucky enough we got to be in the same group. Intan, or Intong as the section fivers may call you, I'm not gonna comment on you because I know you're reading my blog and it feels awkward to say things on you when I know you're gonna read it. But it was a blast to have you in the ride, honest. But I just can't lengthen this part anymore. It's awkward! Kthxbi! :/

And lastly but not leastly, is Mimi. Her name somehow reminds me of my mum. Plus with her petite body and her fair skin, oh, a definite splitting image of my mum! How cool is that? I even brought along a copy of my mum to camp! Haha. Anyways, a shy-at-first-look kinda girl but somehow changes through time, in a positive way that is. One thing I can't forget of her is when she did some hand acts during one of the module. ''Saye sabar tapi kalau dah banyakkkk sangat, nanti saye nangis.'' *insert exaggerated hand movements over here* just can't seem to get over it, sorry. :D

Guess that's the end of it. You didn't expect me to write anything on myself now, did you? One thing's for sure, being in this particular team of mine has instilled a high bar in my list of expectations. What's with Abg Lutfi being chosen as the Head of Facilitators and Kak Shaq is the Head of Female Facilitators.(Can I just mention Safuan as the Head of Male Facilitators? Hee.) Can you not see it? People in my group are holding high posts at the end of the day. The pressure to stand tall with them is an inevitable occurrence.

So yeah, like I said in my previous post, I was lucky I got into a great team, at times a feeling of undeserving crosses me. But yeah, thank you Abg Lutfi, Kak Shaq, Intan and Mimi for making those 3 days seem bearable for me. And with a little touch of you people, it definitely was enjoyable! Thank you great people! ;D

p/s: Pictures are arranged in accordance of birth years not priority or favoritism. And names listed are according to the photos arrangement. Left to right, minus the homosapien at the centre. XD


  1. where's my name and picture? WINK2....

  2. aku tak taw lah ape nak ckp kan,khai.
    but you seem to be everywhere!haha.takot dowh!
    i'll do a post with you in it later on eh. :)