"the past can hurt,but the way i see it,you either run from it or learn from it."

Monday, May 9, 2011

Friends are born, not made. :)

I know my blog ain't nothing and somehow when someone links it to their facebook page as their status or as a post one shall not be too flattered, but i'm flattered anyway. *wink wink*

While I was refreshing and doing just about nothing on facebook just now, I saw a status update by a friend of mine, Anis Hussin. Not sure what was going on through her mind when she did that, but blech, doesn't even matter.

So Anis, if you're reading this, this one's for you. :)
You know how we're not that close since the start of the semester, but trust me, since your "Law of Attraction" speech, I become a little overboard-ly interested in getting closer to you. And I know you know some of my problems, and how you advised was really a thing only a true friend could do. It may seem to you that I don't take your advices seriously, but through my laughs and jokes and sometimes ridicules, I do think of what you said to me. It's really something for someone to listen and just be a place for me to vent out stuffs I don't dare tell some other parties.

Thank you for having me as a friend and thanks a gazillion for taking me as a pride. I'm proud of you as much as you're proud of me. Thank you, friend.

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